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    About two months ago (before I even knew what "push {r1}" ment, lol) I read almost this entire thread to see what was going on here. At one point, Jambo mentioned looking into the unuesed createsprite command. For those of you who don't know, this command create an ow on screen that can only move in place. You can walk through it, but that is about it. This gave me an idea:

    What if we modified the routine of the command to create a sprite that would just do your last movement, such as walking and running, in the exact same spot of the person you want to follow you. Then, hide the sprite of the that person, so now only the virtual sprite is on screen.

    Now, warps: we could have the routine set a flag for being on, then a var for which Ow number is following, then make a small branch in the loading routine of the player after being warped that checks if the flag set by the create sprite command is active, then loads the correct ow from the var. This sprite would then appear after taking your first step and the modified createsprite command would take over, causeing them to follow you.

    I don't know if this is possible, but it sure beats setting an OW on everymap.... Though, that is how GameFreak did secret bases....:p Let's be smarter than them, haha.

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