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    That Dinohumon was tearing my buddies up! That's MY ****ing job! "Gil, take me down there!"

    "But Bakuram-"

    "Do it man!"

    "Fine." Persuading Gil to do things wasn't as hard as some people would think. He's a freaking dinosaur! He scooped me into his arms. We had been fighting some corrupt bastards for a while now. I kept chucking rocks into the door way and Gil was breathing fire every now and again to stave off the survvivors. "Only for you." With that he began to plow down the stairs. The rookie corrupts couldn't stop him, no matter how hard they tried. "YOU CAN'T STOP US!" He roared in triumph.

    When we reached the bottom floor, he melted the door instead of opening it like any other normal individual. "The **** Gil? How are we gonna pay for that?" It didn't matter. "Take me to that car!" He noticed the truck I was pointing at and took off at full speed, reaching the car in seconds. I opened the door and clambered into the driver's seat, shutting it behind me. "Go see if you can deal with Dinhumon. I'll take care of these other bastards while the others run." Gil nodded and marched off to deal with the other Champion digimon. He would fight him up. Fight him up real good.

    I started the car and drove over to Dontae. "You in the mood for some roadkill?" Without hesitating, I pulled into first gear. "Stay for the show. You'll be disappointed if you don't." I slammed my foot down on the gas pedal with a maniac laugh and plowed right into the Corrupt's ranks, scattering them in everywhich direction. I was doing all kinds of tricks: Donuts, fish tails, and I even managed to pop a wheelie in a truck! It was utter chaos. They couldn't do anything to stop me. Off to the left I could see Gil letting off a burst of flame. It torched Dinohumon, but he got back up and swung his cleaver off his back. A mighty swing came at Gil. It was a miracle it didn't take his claws off, as he had used them to deflect it. There were corrupt rookies approaching from behind. They weren't going to pull a fast one. "NO SURVIVORS, MOTHER ****ERS!" I slammed the gas down again and moved straight for the horde.
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