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ORTON HEEL. ORTON HEEL. LEGEND KILLER BACK, MY FAVORITE WRESTLER. Aww, ik das not happening. (legend killer returning)

Shield over orton, ryback and sheamus. ORTON HEEL >>>>>>>>>> EVERY ROSTER THIS YEAR (Undertaker does not count.)

Taker over someone. I don want taker to lose his streak.

Cena over Rock. (dream card) Damn I hope this is not happening. As much as I hate Cena, well, you know, he's super Cena so probably will win. Btw, if this happens I'm going to stop watching WWE. Cena already won too many titles and I hate PG;;;;;; if the VG or Attitude (impossible :c) era returns, I will return watching WWE.

Del Rio over Swagger. Well, I hate Swagger lol.

Paul Bearer to hall of fame. Oh yessssssssssssssssssssss

Btw, did you guys heard that Punk will leave soon? Just a rumor.

@Liljz: Great idea gonna make one.

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