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I redid Minareon.

Here's a comparison:

Also, another revamp (because I haven't done enough of course... ')

"Larvalite (prev. Flugg)
The Larva Pokemon
"Larvalite's absorb nutrients from leftover food. They use these nutrients to grow bigger."
Abilities: Compound Eyes/Gluttony [Hidden Ability]

Kinda redo-ing the whole fly line. I like this design much more, and it doesn't look >that< different either in my opinion (it uses mostly the same palette too!)

As usual, give credit if used. "

Also did this because hey, why not?

"Kind of a tutorial, if you will. Here's how I usually sprite.
1) I create the outline of the Pokemon I am making. I usually use different colours to differentiate the different parts or sections. At this point it is usually a basic outline and I may refine it later. I sometimes use Paint shapes and then mould them into more complex shapes, or I'll just create them from scratch.
2) I then change the outlines to an actual colour used in the palette. This is either black (if I'm lazy/haven't properly decided on the palette yet) or a darker colour in the platte (e.g.: in the example a dark green and red.) I also colour in the body.
(I've missed a couple of steps here, but next I'd usually shade in the body and change the outline to accomadate the shading. If there is anything I want to change- e.g.: the 'nose' in the sprite and the brown patch on the body), I will try and do it before I carry out the shading.)
3) Here's the finished sprite. This takes into account everything I said in the brackets.

Use this tutorial how you will, but give me credit for the finished sprite(s) if you use them for a game or whatever. "
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