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∣ "Solo"

Chapter Three: Part Seven
Social Interaction

Effect: None

"Hey what the--" Solo was practically immobilized by - of course - magic. He was able to move slowly, though it took much more effort, sort of like trying to run or punch while underwater, but even harder than that. You b******! The guy continued to talk to Eva, claimed that Solo was not loyal, and then froze him in place with a spell! What nerve! You're not getting away that easily!! His expression was intense hatred, his eyes once icy blue seemed to burn with rage. He focused his mind toward the guy as he was leaving, using his powers to trip the guy by sweeping his legs out from under him. He did this with enough force (fueled by hatred) that he would undoubtedly land face-first on the floor.

Solo glared with a tempered fury, but decided he'd do no further. For now, anyways. As the spell began to wear off, he stood up, glared at the door glanced at Eva, and then back at the door. "If I see him again..." He clenched his fists. "He's not going to be the one walking away. If it's war he wants, he's got it." Solo had dropped his bag of jerky and seemingly didn't even notice. Someone had poked the wolf too much and now he was going to be agitated for quite some time.

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