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Underground, once again. It felt almost as if nothing had happened between the time that Paladin and Allora were in these tunnels last, looking to save Veletra. Their goal was still the same, but this time they weren't alone. The Ditto known as Speculum and the Sawk named Gallant aided them, and a stuck up Abra led them. Memories came rushing back to him the more they walked. From insignificant childhood memories to great battles in which Paladin had fought for the Alpha Alliance. The one memory he knew he had but was having trouble accessing was that of the battle of Gold City. So far, he knew he was there, as well as Zane Tyrael and some others, but he couldn't exactly what happened. His memory told him that this battle was the last in which he had fought before he'd lost his memories, which led him to assume that something had happened there to cause this amnesia. But what? His initial thought was that he had probably been hit hard on the head or something, but that couldn't explain his dark side or the fact that he woke up in the middle of the Wastes of Will. What had happened to him that day?

His train of thought was interrupted by Allora. “I am alright. Paladin… much of the fight do you remember? Was it that Xatu who did that to you?” she asked. Paladin thought. He had previously thought that it was the impact with the ceiling that had knocked him out, but thinking back, it would probably take much more than that and an illusion to bring him down. "After I fought Jeb - I mean, that illusion created by Xatu - I blacked out. The last thing I remember is...overwhelming power..." Paladin said, thinking back to when the darkness had taken him over. It had felt horrible but amazing at the same time, he could remember it vividly. "So much power...but no control..." Paladin murmured.

A flashback was coming, Paladin could feel it. The Golurk came to an abrupt stop and leaned against one of the walls of the tunnel. This time, however, he didn't get a migraine. Instead, he could feel a searing pain in the left side of his body, where the darkness resided. It was as if his left side was being scorched by a Flamethrower attack. "Rghrr" Paladin grunted, trying to keep the pain in.

A battle. An immense battle. In the distance stood the towering walls of Gold City, shining in the sun. Paladin was alone, except for one other Pokemon. He couldn't identify this Pokemon because his eyes were blinded by the hot sun in the distance. They stood, facing each other, not moving an inch. The other Pokemon was tall, but still did not match up to the Golurk's height. The Pokemon seemed menacing, and ready to attack at any time. Despite the sun, Paladin could make out a glittering silver crystal around the Pokemon's neck...

Back to reality. The pain stopped as quickly as it had started, and Paladin got up. "Let's move," he said commandingly, and began to stride forward ahead of everyone but the Abra. Suddenly, he felt like he had no regard for the others, but he wasn't sure why. He thought that maybe he had too much on his mind to pay them any attention now. There was so much he did not know that he had to find out, and he had a funny feeling much would be revealed upon his ascent to Cape.