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Allister Curtis

Allister walked down the hall, with a sore head thanks to the ill-tempered lycan's telekinetic ability. He knew he had inadvertently picked a fight with Solo, and probably not earned approval from Eva, on his little survey. Certainly he hadn't made any friends by binding him. But really, Allister hadn't been out to make friends. He was out to make sure that nobody died when they confronted Oz. As it stood the only person he could really count as a friend in the whole school so far was a rather stupid, overly inquisitive werewolf who needed to learn a bit about social conventions. Although, Cheryl seemed reasonable enough.

Allister sighed to himself as he headed towards the library. Honestly he felt exhausted even though the sun was still fairly bright in the sky. He ran a mental check list of what he had achieved so far
So far I've not done my homework, bound a werewolf who has some how turned into a friend, met said werewolf and a girl who seems to be far too young to be in the same class as me, discovered the school has a Deva Mage, broke a fountain helping said mage and made enemies with a volatile lycan and his side kick. Pfft, and people think mages are dull.

He walked into the library heading straight to the section on magic and picking out a few books. Even the librarian wasn't there so he figured he'd at least get to study in peace, although weirdly he kind of hoped to find himself joined by Yorick or Cheryll. Despite being weird the two seemed to be the only other sane people in the school.

Mentally berating himself for insulting nearly the entire student body as well as the staff he opened the top book, an old thick tomb which had a large chapter on defensive spells and counter spells. He'd leave most of the offensive magic to Gavin, it was his speciality after all.


"Looks scary. But gentle hearted."

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