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    Just so I know, you said you updated the mechanics of DR1 and DR2 to match Diamond and Pearl's mechanics. I was wondering three things.

    1. Did you update in DR1 / are you going to update already existing attacks from Gen I-III to match what they are in Gen IV? For example, sandstorm increases special defense of rock type pokemon by double in IV, but did not in II-III. Similarly, Hail makes Blizzard hit with 100% accuracy in IV, but not III, and Giga Drain also got more pp and higher power in IV IIRC.

    2. Did you do anything to the HMs in either game? As someone who likes to put together strategic movesets, it gets rather frustrating when I have to waste a moveslot on some craptastic move like Flash or Cut.

    3. How many abilities and moves from Gen IV did you put in DR1 and how many are you planning on putting in this game?
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