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    Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
    Chapter 2: An annoying encounter.

    Nami turned around after she heard a fimilair voice, so fimilair that she froze from just knowing who it was. She slowly turned around hoping that he wasn't who she thought he was. Once she saw his face she felt a heavy feeling in her chest, it was Takumi and from the look on his face he had seen everything…

    Nami started stuttering as she thought of what would happen now. She felt like crying right now, her first friend on this school seemed like he was terrified of her… "T-Takumi… t-t-this isn't what i-it looks like!" Nami immediately tried to defend herself. "T-This guy attacked our classmates earlier today… a-and now he was picking up a fight with me…" Nami looked at the guy who looked unconscious right now.

    Then Nami noticed something else, he was dragging a suitcase along. Her heart skipped a beat and looked back at Takumi with a shocked expression, is he going to leave Youkai Academy……?

    "A-Are you going to leave? Why…?" Nami pointed at his suitcase as she started to shake a little. She knew the answer yet she had to ask, but what was his reason…? So many secrets on this Academy for Youkai's.

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