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    Evan Lee Gildred

    Eva jumped up when he saw what Allister did to Solo, his hair bouncing for a few seconds after his sudden burst of movement. He moved quickly next to the now standing Solo, the anger seemingly radiating from the other boy. Eva didn’t even need to have Solo speak to know that he was seething mad. What was wrong with Allister? Why did he have to come up and make such bold and inaccurate accusations to the two of them? Were they not on the same side? It was entirely unacceptable behavior befitting anybody, let alone people who were supposed to be on the same side. Looking up to Solo, he tried his best to keep himself together and fix the situation, however, this seemed like a situation he failed to fix.

    “I-it’s g-going to be okay,” he mumbled and placed a hand on Solo’s arm, his stutter from before coming back without his notice. “M-maybe we should just do our best to avoid him as best we can? Right?” Eva seemed to shrink away from Solo, his whole body shaking with nerves from the whole incident. Why did people have to be so aggressive towards one another? Even Eva himself had been far more hostile than he usually ever was. It was almost uncharacteristic of him to be so defensive of himself or another. However, what Allister said really bothered him on a fundamental level. It just wasn’t civil for somebody to act that way. Not one iota.

    Eva looked down at the ground as he focused on his feet, his mind racing with thoughts about the events that had transpired just moments earlier. He noticed his right hand was balled up into a nervous shaking fist, but not just that, it seemed to be glowing. Slowly opening his hand, he spied the coin that had been firmly locked in his grasp. Eva didn’t even know when he had pulled it out during the whole event. If he had to guess, it was probably when Allister had seemingly paralyzed Solo with a spell. Hurriedly sticking the coin in the breast pocket of his school jacket, Eva grabbed his bag and gave a hurried goodbye to Solo before running out of the cafeteria and down the hall. He felt sick leaving Solo there like that, having said nothing more than, “I’m not feeling well, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Then again, he felt sick for other reasons too.

    Finding the first restroom he could, Eva ducked inside and took the first available stall of the women’s room. Throwing his back against the firm bulwark of the wall, he slid down it, his whole body shaking as his socks and skirt rode up uncomfortably. His hands still fidgeting with fear, he pulled out the coin again, the one that forever reminded him of what he was. What had he intended to do in that cafeteria? Expose himself to everyone? Or worse. In his anger, what would he have summoned? Throwing the coin in his bag with disgust that he didn’t even try to hide, he covered his mouth with his trembling hands and began to cry profusely.

    What if he had summoned ‘it’? That could never be allowed to happen, not here, not anywhere. Tears continued to stream down his face, becoming muddled with his now ruined mascara as he tried his best to hold down the little he had eaten before. When he thought about what he almost did, he began to cry even more, unable to stop. He had almost failed himself, and others in that cafeteria. So there he sat, crumpled on the floor of a washroom, alone and in tears.
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