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    Around the internet, tons of people have gotten mad at me for saying that the main character's name is Gold instead of Ethan, usually scream something along the lines of "BULBAPEDIA SAYS IT'S ETHAN SO IT'S ETHAN!!!" at me through their computer. Do you guys consider the main character's name to be Gold or Ethan?

    Personally, like I already said, I consider the character's name to be Gold. I'm not saying this because of the Mangas calling him that, but because of evidence in the games points to it. For example, the rival's name is officially Silver in both gens, and the second gen's female protagonist is called Kris, which is obviously a variation of Crystal. Also, when translating the original Japanese versions, the first choice for your name translates directly to Gold. As far as I'm concerned, Ethan is never the protagonist's name. It's just the name of the kid with a Marill who happens to look like him.
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