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    This is something I've been thinking about for a while, and if this is better in General, then so be it. However, I want to bring up the idea as it pertains to this game specifically.

    In all main-series Pokémon games, you are able to go to a Gym very early in the game and defeat that leader, obtaining your first Gym badge. You are always forced to defeat the next Gym in order to proceed in the story. By the time you can even access Victory Road legitimately (i.e. without cheating), the Badge Check Gates are a useless entry, as only the final gate - or sometimes none at all - will possibly deny you access. Only in Kanto do they really play a role as you can be barred entry in the first gate if you trek west from Viridian City with your Lv.8 Pokémon.

    So here's my question. Should Gamefreak design a game where you do all the wandering around, but the Gyms are meant to be tackled more towards the end of the storyline? For instance, you get to the point where you have three more cities to visit, but now someone tells you to go back to the city with the first Gym and take on that leader before you can proceed; this leader has always had Lv.35 Pokémon, but you first trekked by at Lv.10. Could this backtracking idea be feasible, and why or why not? What if the weakest Gym was the fifth one you came across, and there was storyline around why he's a weak Gym Leader? Meanwhile, Victory Road is nearby early in the journey, and gives you visibility of your final goal. Maybe even multiple entrances requiring different badges, meaning one can visit early.

    Discuss as it pertains to X/Y.

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