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    Episode 17: "Arrival in Honoru City! A debut times two!"

    "...Telling jokes?" Wendy suggested as she, Brock, and the Pokemon walked over the massive bridge leading into Honoru City.

    [Nah--who knows what the director's sense of humor is like?] Raku replied.

    [If you're gonna be an actor, you guys need a dramatic pose!] Satomi interjected. [Every good actor and actress has at least one dramatic pose!]

    The lamposts and camera stands lining the bridge gave Wendy an idea. "Got a camera?"

    "Yeah..." Brock replied as he fished a silver and black digital camera from his bag. "Why?"

    "We're gonna grant Satomi her wish of an actress' and an actor's dramatic pose!" Wendy explained as she dragged Brock by one of the lampposts.

    Brock giggled, slightly embarrassed at Wendy's enthusiasm. But he started tinkering with the camera's timer settings anyway--a walking tour wouldn't be complete without at least one goofy picture in the photo album.

    After making sure the camera timer was set, he set the camera in the stand. "Okay--the camera's going to go off in ten seconds, so think of a good dramatic pose!" he explained as he got on one knee and held a hand in the air, as if he were an opera singer in the middle of an aria.

    [] Tenku counted down before the camera flash got her attention.

    [Lemme see!] Satomi begged as Brock got up and took the camera from the stand. [I wanna see!]

    Brock reviewed the picture of himself comically mimicking an opera singer and Wendy doing a jazz hands pose. "Well! Not a bad shot for one try..." he smiled before allowing the Eevees to see the picture.

    A familiar cry overpowered the Eevees laughing. "Emi!"

    "That's odd...we had breakfast a short while ago, it's not naptime yet, and she went to the potty before we left..." Wendy muses as she thinks about why the Happini in Brock's arms is crying profusely.

    "I know why--it's the cranky cry." Brock smiled as the group continued into the large town square and sat down on one of the benches overlooking the small garden and rocks. "Which means it's time to get out the toy that never fails to stop cranky crying."

    "What's that?" Wendy asked as she set Emi on the bench.

    "This little guy..." Brock replied, showing Wendy what looked like a Meowth doll. "My best puppet, a Meowth puppet I named Leon."

    "Looks like any old Meowth doll to me..." Wendy sighed, silently wishing all the while that Emi would stop crying.

    "Or is it?" Brock intones before retreating behind a rock. After slipping his hand inside a hidden hole in the Meowth's back, and positioning it to where Emi, the other Pokemon, and Wendy can see it, but not his hand, he speaks in a perfect mimic of Team Rocket's Meowth "Why did da candy store close at two o'clock?"

    [Why?] Mizuchi asks the Meowth puppet.

    "Because it was two's day!" Brock replies as Leon.

    The Eevees howl with laughter at the corny joke. "What makes music on ya head?" Brock starts another joke.

    [Hee hee...what?] Raku asks.

    "A head band!" Brock replies as Leon, making the Pokemon laugh even more.

    Even Wendy is laughing as Brock emerges from behind the rock, Leon still on his hand. "It worked...Emi's laughing!" she cried, gesturing to Emi laughing through her tears.

    "Thank you..." Brock takes a bow for his "audience".

    "Got any more of those puppets?" Wendy asks. "We could do a two person show, so I can practice projecting my voice."

    Brock rummages through his bag some more, and unearths the Sandshrew puppet from earlier, a Chikorita puppet, and a script. "If we can make a copy of this script--a two person bit called "Jogging", we could possibly do a little show for our teams."

    "Cool!" Wendy smiles. "I've always wanted to learn to work a puppet."

    An hour or two later...

    "Okay...ready?" Brock, now completely in black, asks Wendy as she finishes changing into a black outfit of her own.

    "i still don't get why we have to wear these..." Wendy sighs as she joins Brock back behind the rock serving as their stage.

    "Remember the Gekijou theater?" Brock explains "Anyone in black--be it a musician, puppeteer, or stagehand, is a shadow, and therefore unseen to the audience."

    "Oh..." Wendy smiles before accepting the Chikorita puppet and putting her hand inside a hidden hole near the puppet's head,

    "Remember--don't let the audience see your hand." Brock whispers before pressing PLAY on a small radio.

    A happy interlude plays for a moment before the Meowth puppet and the Chikorita puppet run on an pose over a drumroll in the music. "Peach!" Wendy announces in a higher pitched version of herself.

    "and Leon in..." Brock adds as Leon.

    "Jogging!" both announce in character before they hurry off again. The Pokemon applaud as the interlude finishes.

    Wendy makes her Chikorita "run" in the scene some seconds later. "What a lovely day for a jog..." she muses, never mind that her puppet has a very noticeable limp as it "runs".

    "Sure is..." Brock agrees as Leon.

    "But we have to be mindful of the road...." Wendy's Chikorita cautions.

    "Whatsamatta with da road?" Brock asks, making Leon shake his head.

    "It's all bumpy!" Wendy's Chikorita complains.

    "Bumpy? I don't feel any bumps here..." Brock replies as Leon.

    "But there's a gazillion of them!" Wendy's Chikorita gasps.

    "Look, dis road is straight as a board, and I'm runnin' straight, straight, straight." Brock's Meowth assures Wendy's Chikorita as it "runs" about.

    "Then why am I running crooked, crooked, crooked?" Wendy's Chikorita asks, to some giggles from the Pokemon and a growing crowd that is gathering to watch.

    "Peach...somethin's wrong with ya feet." Brock's Meowth explains. "Mind if I play docta here for a minute?"

    "Please do--don't hold anything back!" Wendy's Chikorita replies.

    After "examining" the Chikorita puppet thoroughly, the Meowth puppet announces. "Ah, I see da problem! Ya wearin' two different kinds of shoes!"

    The crowd laughs at this. "Oh, how silly of me!" Wendy's Chikorita giggles as it pantomimes taking off one shoe. "Could you run back to my house and get the other shoe's mate?"

    "Sure!" With that, Brock's Meowth hurries off as the lights go down.

    "Here ya go!" he announces when he returns some moments later.

    After the two Pokemon trade the imaginary shoes, they start "running" again. "Dat feel better?" Brock's Meowth asks, which is now running with the same limp as Wendy's Chikorita.

    "The road is still bumpy!" Wendy's Chikorita complains.

    "Now I know how ya feel!" Brock's Meowth agrees as the two Pokemon limp off to a "wah-wah-wah-wah..." stinger.

    The audience laughs and applauds as Brock and Wendy emerge from behind the rock with their puppets and take a bow. That was fun! Wendy grins as she soaks up the cheers and applause. Now to see if I can do it on a real stage!

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