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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
Lately, I've been thinking that while the post games of pokemon games are good, it's just... they don't have that extra 'oompth'. I mean, when I think about PMD: Explorers of Darkness/Time, they've had a post game, but in a way... it's kind of like the continuation of the main storyline, you know? So, I hope that while X&Y has a post game on where you can challenge battle facilities, catch national pokemon, and other goodies like that, I hope that in someway, it will have a point on where they sort of continue on with the storyline. It doesn't have to be huge, but maybe you can, say, face the very big and bad mastermind that is truly the cause of the troubles in the new pokemon region.
I think that would actually be a good concept. I'd really like the story not to end just because you beat the Champion. Even if it's not fighting the real mastermind behind everything, an evil team can't instantaneously disappear from a region like they always do. Maybe fighting off the rest of the evil team to remove them from the region would be a cool concept as well?
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