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    Originally Posted by pelikaani123 View Post
    Yes I am positive there doesn't appear any wild pokemon anywhere, neighter Spheal nor Ditto. The only place where wild pokemon appear is the water.

    No no no.. It's not that I haven't walked aldredy 30 minutes across the corridor (or whatever) that you are supposed to find it from. I have seen the youtube video that shows how to proceed. There just don't appear any wild pokemon in there when I play.

    Yes I did. Otherwise I couldn't even be in the place where Dittos are supposed to appear.

    BUT HEY! I got past it by using these codes:
    Master Code 9e6ac862823ab7a8 46b7d9e4a709e9e1
    Ditto 39E924C4 4136A9DD
    3613AA25 2CC1B172

    This was so frustating to me that I don't want anyone to suffer from this problem ever again.
    So, if you have the same problem I had, please use these codes and then go to the water. The next wild pokemon that appears after you have activated these codes should be a Ditto.

    Thank you so MUCH. I spend 1 hour, by watch, walking around in that place and no Wild Pokemon appeared, i checked the video too, and read all the page i could of this thread... If I hadn't found your post i probably would had quit the game.


    Also, aside for all the time i spend in that corridor, I'm really enjoying this game, it's really original and very well done, congratulation.
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