Thread: [B2W2] Champion Iris help?
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    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    Is it not acceptable to lose and train more?
    Yeah, Champions can be beaten by using underleveled Pokémon but diversity is an important aspect...
    Your team consists mainly of Fighting types... which is in fact very advantageous against Iris but half of your team is weak to EQ...
    If possible, send Virizion against Haxorus, it shouldn't use EQ, and if it does, it won't give that big of a damage...
    What you are clearly missing is the mentioned Ice Beam as you should have ice type attack against dragons.
    Your Emboar has also poor moveset... 3 Fire attacks will be totally useless here.
    I really don't know what else to say but o_o lol im stupid and don't know which are weak to earthquake can you tell me? and should i tell you what pokemon are in my pc? because i taught azumarill blizzard and ice beam. it does such small damage so what do i do T_T ok. i will freaking just get new moves but it's hard for me to defeat ghost and psychic elite four i was lucky enough because the attacks missed me on the last pokemon i suck so much at english don't you think? :D