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    Originally Posted by Zorogami View Post
    I see *softnfluffeh* you started a Challenge *softnfluffeh*, so good luck and have fun!! *softnfluffeh*
    Haha just kidding, i won't keep that up :P (i think ^^)

    Palkia is pretty cool, he has almost no weaknesses and i like the fact he is the only Dragon/Water Type around :)
    Are you not gonna evolve your dragonair to Dragonite for your challenge??
    Yep, I started a challenge! Don't really know what I'm doing... (by way of posting records, not that actual gameplay parts...) but I'll give it a go. :P

    *softnfluffeh* But why not? It's so... *softnfluffeh* Yeah, probably a good idea...


    *softnfluffeh*! :P

    Ok, I kid, I'll stop. XD

    Really? *Looks at wiki page* ...Whoa. His only weakness is dragon! D:
    ...That's really cool, actually. :D
    He just needs to know a dragon move (Spatial Rend) and he's covered all bases!

    When it comes to dragonair and dragonite... I know the stats are significantly higher... but I dunno. I guess Dragonair just has more sentimental value to me than dragonite...

    I've also been hearing a lot about Emulations and Emulators... do you know if they're any good? (thinking about trying one of the ruby/sapphire/emerald games so I can finally get that Blaziken :P)
    :{ (<- this is mustachio.)

    (( Sorry for not replying yesterday, I meant to. ._. ))
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