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    @NW ~ I love the sig! :D It is awesome!

    @Xilfer123 & Greiger ~ It is cool with me I'll be in contact with both of you soon.

    @heretostay123 ~ I'll be glad to make one for you too if you want one.

    Here is the order list for PO : ANB Signatures based on who asked first: (this is subject to change depending on who sends me the required information first. If I have received the information at once I will go by who asked first.)

    *1. Delphini (You were one of the very first ones to ask me. I'll still make you one if you want me to.)

    1. Xilfer123
    2. Greiger

    I combined Allora's and Levina's SUs so that when my name is clicked on in the OOC front page it brings up both of them.
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