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Fred jumped from tree to tree, using his tails to grab branches while he contemplated his next move. He couldn't find any Gold Tribesmen as of now, so he wasn't sure what he was going to do, but there should be something. After all, it wasn't like e could just go into a town and beat up any random guy, so long as it wasn't a member of the Silver Tribe. It wasn't like he was being given any order about what he needed to do every waking second of his life.

So Fred made his way over to the nearest town, but before he could even make it, he spotted a sleeping Torterra, and decided that this guy was probably very tough. Taking a detour, he swung over and threw a rock at his head. The Torterra lifted his head and saw Fred high up on the trees. Grunting, he sent a barrage of stones (stone Edge) from the ground, flying towards him. Fred nimbly avoided the stones and leaped to the other side of the beast. "C'mon punk. Let's see what you got!"

The Torterra Immediately got angry, shooting up giant, thorn-covered vines from the earth. At first, Fred thought he was just using Frenzy Plant to try striking him with an awesome amount of power, but instead, the Beast lifted himself up with the vines and threw himself at Fred. Fred leaped backwards to avoid the full force of the beast's weight and the two of them crashed straight into town. "OK YOU BIG LUG, YOU WANT POWER, TAKE THIS!"

Fred's fist, coated in Icy cold energy, made contact with the beast on top of him, freezing its body and leaving it immobile on the ground. The beast was just too big and slow to beat Fred, though he was experienced and skilled. Maybe if he had kept his cool he wouldn't have gotten so cold.

Throwing the beast off of him Fred got up and glared at the surrounding pedestrians, unaware of the other acts of violence going on in town.