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    Charlotte (Charlie) Hunter- London Atlantean Centre

    Feeling the final shudder as the train pulled into London, Charlie looked up from her phone, its screen flashing up the grinning face of mark signalling yet another incoming call. She had been on the train for two and half hours now and though it had been an uneventful trip, Charlie found herself reluctant to step off the train.

    Staring out through the grease smeared glass and ignoring her vibrating phone, the dark hair girl regarded the station with a glum expression. She hadn’t exactly wanted to come down to London. The idea of registering herself was more repulsive than Nick Green, a perv in her class with gel slicked hair and skinny jeans.

    As the loud, echoing deep of the doors opening sounded and the usual shuffling broke out through the carriage as people hurried to grab their luggage and leave, Chairlie pulled herself up from her chair and shouldered her rucksack, sweeping a shaking hand through her hair and teasing the long strands back from her face.
    She disliked being London at the best of time and this instance was no different.

    When she at last alighted from the train, earphones pressed solidly into her ears, Charlie followed the trickle of fellow passengers through the sour faced shoppers which pressed in around the open doors, towards the ticket barrier.
    When she was last out, her feet sore from being trodden on several times on her way over to her destination, she then made her way towards the taxi layby, limping slightly. Finding a free taxi and flashing the address of the centre she had found via Google that morning, Charlie then settled back into the warm leather seats in silence.

    Her driver was thankfully not the chatty type and after a few exchanged of pleasantries, her bearded, beer bellied driver turned the radio on and fixed his eyes to the road, allowing Charlie to resume her sulking.

    It was because of her mother’s persistence that she was here against her will. Her mother had woken her up early and dragged her out of room, barely even awake, to show her the news report and after half an hour of passive aggressive comments about her refusal to go, she had caved and agreed. Her mother had developed powers too but due to work, had sent Charlie down to register first with the promise of meeting her in the evening.

    I better get Nandos out of this. Charlie thought bitterly as she watched the world whizz by her out the window. It was here, when her phone, now in her jean pockets began to vibrate again. Reaching in to her pocket, she wrapped her fingers around the cold objected and pulled it out, her dark eyes regarding the screen from a distance.

    The screen flickered into being, presenting her gaze with mark’s goofy grin. He was calling yet again, this making it the fourteenth missed call today. With two weeks of silence from her end, she had hoped both Mia and Mark would have gotten the message, but apparently her hopes were miss placed. Watching it ring to another few minutes, the phone finally died down and the call ended, but Charlie knew it would be another few minutes before he tried again.
    Tucking the phone back into her jean pocket she then glanced out the window, just in time to watch as the taxi pulled to the side of the curb.

    Paying the driver and waving goodbye, before stepping back out into the cold October air, Charlie headed to the back of the queue which had formed, zigzagging down the street, with hundreds of faces staring out, some happy, others just depressed.

    When she at last took her place behind a group of overly bubbly teenagers, she then waited, earphones once again pressed against her ears to drown out any questions which may be asked in her direction. Every now and then, reaching up to pull her hair way from her face, or tweak her fingerless gloves.

    It was another hour before she finally got to see someone inside the centre and her first encounter was brief. A women wearing horn rimmed glasses passed her a form to fill out and then told her to move on and wait in a corridor. Doing as she was asked she was then eventually ushered into a small office room which accommodated a small desk and a gentleman, dressed sharply, sat behind it.

    He motioned for her to come in and sit down, to which Charlie obliged and took a seat. Handing over her paper work
    with her name, address and contact details jotted across its surface.

    The man regarded it for a little while, face etched with a mixture of tiredness and boredom before glancing up to Charlie’s small heart shaped face, lips thinning to a solid, cold red line.

    “Well Miss Hunter, your ability?” He asked, his voice cold and stern, as he meet her gaze.
    Charlie shifted uncomfortably under his watchful eyes, and tucking back a lose lock of hair behind one ear, she smiled awkwardly.

    “Uhm..” she started, lipping her lips nervously as she tried to look at anything bar the man whom was sat behind the desk. His cold mannerisms were enough to make her skin itch under his gaze as he remained silent and unblinking.
    “If you please, Miss Hunter, I do not have all day.” He said, the chilled tone resuming it’s familiar remoteness.
    Charlie nodded at this and finally parted her lips as her brain fished for an acceptable reply.

    “I can heal people.” She finally settled for, now setting her gaze to meet the man’s as he regarded with her an odd expression.

    “You can heal people?” He repeated, his tone now sounding even colder than before. “Do you have any proof of this? As I am not in the mood for jokes, Miss Hunter.”

    “Well that’s the thing.” Charlie replied, almost surprised at the gentleman’s reactions to her reply. She had expected anything but annoyance and boredom. “And this will sound odd. But you must trust me. I need you to give yourself a paper cut. Just a small one.”

    His reaction to this statement however, was exactly what she had expected. The man grinned and then shook his head, as if he did not believe what this small girl in front of him had asked.

    “You want me to cut myself?” He repeated, almost laughing. “Are you mad?”

    “No.” Charlie replied, curtly and keeping her face as plane as possible. “You requested my ability and I plan to obliged. Now if you don’t mind.” She said, nodding her head towards her own files. “I promise this won’t hurt you and much as it will hurt me.”

    With that, the man leaned back in his chair and stroked his chin thoughtfully, before shrugging and picking up the piece of the paper and resting the tip of his index finger along the top of the page.

    “This better not be a joke Miss Hunter, otherwise you will not enjoy what is in store for you.” He said, fixing her once again with his cold glare, before he sharply drew his finger across the top of the paper.

    The Hiss of pain which slipped over his lips, signalled to Charlie that the paper had done it’s job, slicing through his flesh cleanly. Pulling off her one of her gloves and reaching forward, she nodded to him to place his injured hand in hers, to which the man obeyed, grimacing slightly, before everything changed.

    The familiar burning sensation raced across Charlie’s hand upon contact with the man’s own clammy touch, and within a few seconds, the sharp, crisp sensation of pain appeared on her own index finger. With drawing her hand, Charlie sighed and lifted her finger to show the man.

    An identical injury oozed tiny droplets of blood from the tip of her finger, while with her un-injured hand she gestured to his own.

    “You’re healed. Do we approve?” She asked shortly.

    The man simply stared from her hand, to his own, regarding his finger in amazement. The cut had completely disappeared, not even a trace of the wound remained from before, no scar or scab, not even an ounce of pain.
    “That is plenty.” He managed to stutter, before shouting through the door. A woman dressed in a grey blazer and jeans appeared, looking tired.

    “Take her to the waiting room. Now.” The man said firmly, not evening sparing a glance at Charlie as she was ushered out of the room in a hurry. Her bag practically shoved into her arms as she was pulled away from the man’s office.
    The dark haired girl was then shoved into a large waiting room filled with other people, all of whom sat talking quietly amongst themselves. A few sent curious glances her way as she was escorted into the room and told to sit. Charlie again complied before watching the women leave quickly, sending her a scared glance over her shoulder.

    “I am the one who got hurt and you are frightened of me?” Charlie muttered, as she then looked back at the other people surrounding her, and sticking her finger into her mouth, sucking on it to dull the pain. “They didn’t even offer me a plaster.” She said bitterly. “Go figure.”

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