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4th update Dusclops Ultimate Solo Challenge Emerald
Turned off the Generator in New Mauville
Beat the Trickhouse a 3rd and 4th time
Met Gabby Again
Grabbed the Coincase for Tms I may want later from the Game Corner
Wynaut hatched nicknamed her Wioana and put her in the pc hatched her for not reason
Cleared the Weather Institute of Team Aqua got Balloon the Castform
Beat May again like it was my job, Got Fly from her
Met Scott again
Holy PokeBalls Batman my pokemon caught Pokerus :D
Beat Gabby again
Steven gave me the Devon Scope
Got to Fortree Gym and After a Grueling Gym Battle (Freaking half normal birds) I beat Wionna finally

Scott Talked to me again
Beat the Trick house again (How did he know my personal expierences *Little creeped out*)
Cleared Team Aqua off Mount Pyre
Reached Lilycove City
Got the Pokeblocks Case
Saved for the moment
My Team

Boojangles Male Lvl.64 Pokerus
Moves: Night Shade, Faint Attack, Rock Smash, Shadow Punch
My Progress