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Steel Monotype Ultimate Challenge: Fire Red Update #0 (Not sure if what I did is allowed or not)

- Picked Bulbasaur so that rival had a fire type starter.
- Plowed through Brock and Misty and ignored Lt. Surge to still be technically before 3rd Gym.
- Did the S.S. Anne, got Cut HM, went to the Rock Tunnel.
- Caught an Onyx and named it Jasmine.
- Here is where the iffy business starts. To be allowed to have a Steelix, I gave myself the national pokédex and a metal coat.
- It's the same Onyx, nothing changed besides making it a Steelix.
- If this is against the rules then I'm more than okay with restarting with like a Magnemite egg or something.
- If this is allowed then I'll do it with Scyther too and have a 3 mon team.
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