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Thanks for your replies!

Anglican, if you really want to try it out, go get the App Inventor Emulator (, it puts a phone on your computer's screen.

It's in black and white because I used the Safari Zone map from Red/Blue, because it's the smallest safari map in any game. If anyone has a cool map to use instead, it would be easy to substitute. Also, I test it on my e-ink Nook, so I really don't notice the colors, as the Nook is black and white.

There are more Bellsprout than other stuff because the battle screen picks a random number, and if the number is not anything else it becomes a Bellsprout. I needed something as filler, so you don't always get a cool Pokémon.

Zorogami, I don't get a lag at all, weird. Also, the Jungle Balls double the chance of capture, try one of those!
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