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Hm well first we need to see if my idea would garner interest.

My idea was it'd be an Egg Challenge

Where you breed a bunch of eggs of different pokemon, and then pick 6 and trade them over, or hack in six eggs (or if either of those are too complicated, then the second part works fine). never mind that makes things too difficult. (or it could be a bonus rule? Bah.)

One pokemon would be the Sunny Side Up Pokemon which would always have to be the first pokemon in your party, or the highest leveled or something.

Another would be the Chocolate Egg Pokemon, and it would just have to know three cutesy moves (like charm, or attract or actually maybe just a move that is a "cute" contest move)

There would also be the Omelet Pokemon which would have to know an egg related move like soft-boiled or egg bomb, and wouldn't be allowed to have two moves of the same type.

Next there would be a Hard Boiled Pokemon which would have to be egg shaped, (so azumarill, chansey, elekid, exeggcutor...) and could only use physical attacking moves

Also you'd have a Scrambled Egg Pokemon which would have to learn 3 supporting moves, and all moves would have to be of different types.

And lastly would be the Deviled Egg Pokemon which would have to know 3 "evil moves" like Nasty Plot, Beat Up, Confuse Ray, Trick, Toxic.... (or even energy draining moves) and had to be Dark, Ghost, Poison or Bug (and maybe Fire?)

Sound interesting?