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    Flygon landed in Snowpoint the area was filled with Grass pokemon, Torterras, Roselias, Wormadams and Cherrims were dancing around acting quite content which was surprising all these pokemon had migrated half of Sinnoh. I walked up to Snowpoint temple but then the ground started shaking. There were three distinctive tremors each one coming from the south but slightly off each other, then I saw them.

    The three Regis were surfing the land using their respective type. They stopped in front of the temple but did not attack. I walked in with Houndoom and Flygon while Jirachi was on my shoulder, they all followed their eyes and Houndoom's fire provided plenty of light. We reached the lowest level and then the three regis suddenly were lifted by an anonymous force. They were being held against their will by Regigigas who was being controlled by Maxie. "Well you took your time didn't you" He had three pokeballs on him. "You know what is to happen" he laughed under his voice. He sent out the three guardians and each one was mentally forced in front of one of the regis. He froze Mespirit using Regice, Encased Azelf with Regirock and Melted an armour onto Uxie with Registeel. The three Regis all were trying to hold themselves back. "No!" I yelled "Maxie you know this will only lead to Chaos" Maxie smirked "You don't get it do you? Even with you knowing Past, Present and Future you still can't stop us".

    He held up a small cube it looked like the same device Ghetsis used to control Uxie. "This little beauty" he started "Is a control device, It can warp the mind of any pokemon and as you already know Regigigas is being controlled by it". He laughed and then realised what I had done. "Now!" I yelled and Victreebel used its vines to take the cube off of Maxie. "ugh, no!" he grunted as Regigigas snapped out of its trance and looked down at Maxie. It lifted it foot and Maxie ran. As it landed the whole temple shook and it began to crumble. I had Flygon shoot a giant hole through the ceiling and grabbed the Guardians and flew out, the Regis all used their elemental types to launch themselves out. As we all regrouped some Sawsbuck stood around and looked at us, they then bowed with dignity. We had gained the trust of the Grass types. I ripped open Uxie armour and had Houndoom melt Mespirit from the ice. Azelf was already out of the rocks since they were only being held by Regirock. Mespirit abruptly broke the ice from the inside in frustration and Uxe twisted the metal to unbind itself. Mespirit and Azelf both smiled and flew off to Spear Pillar, Uxie stayed behind.

    The Regis all had dissapeared by the time I looked around but, something was amiss. I felt all of Sinnoh was beginning to fall apart. As though the Future had been changed for the worse. This meant one of two things Shadow hadn't found the Musketeers yet or Ghetsis had already started the ritual. I could only hope we weren't too late.

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