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    Heva Jade
    Ruins of Xin Kou, Shinguo


    Silent thoughts of home, life, sweets, pie, loves and companions had been flowing gently through Heva's mind as she waited calmly inside her rubble prison. Through meditation she had brought peace to herself, her heart no longer was heavy with the lives of other men. Her mind no longer bogged down with guilt. The men, women and children were at peace now, in the arms of the gods they believed it.

    The golden barrier around her hummed quietly, white noise to her meditation, replacing what would be a waterfall or babbling brook. Heva's eyes emitted mystical blue light that swirled in the same pattern as her auburn red hair. Aside from the occasional rumble in the distance, all was calm in her mind. Heva was at inner peace, singing and dancing with the goddess of magic. Through her meditation she had been praying for strength, guidance and advice throughout her life. The goddess hadn't answered directly but Heva knew she was listening, knew that she wanted Heva to guide herself through her own trials and tribulations.

    Heva's amulet of Makara glowed brightly around her neck, the glow was green, not blue like the light from her eyes. The rumbling she had heard subconsciously in the distance grew louder, more urgent, it was another battle. Had the Knights finally come? There was only one way to find out. Heva's barrier humming grew louder, turning into a large roar as the rocks around her began to shift under the expanding barrier. The golden bubble exploded, causing the building rubble around her to jet into the air and fall around her, crashing into the decaying town.

    Heva stood slowly, the magic in her amulet, eyes and being coursing through one another singing out in perfect harmony. The battle was coming from the North Gate, the gate she and her men had made their last stand. The gate that led to the decimation, declination and extermination of the village. No time to dwell on the past, Heva, she thought to herself. She needed to use her burst of power now before it faded, this was a gift from Makara, a temporary redemption.

    Heva launched herself off her heels and sprinted, guided with magic, towards the Northern Gate. In the distance she saw a party of people, donned in armour, the armour of the Knights. A small joy filled her but she had no time to express it. The mage approached from the west and slid on her heels into the opening of the gate, before launching herself again, this time into the battle. Heva's large figure blurred past a Knight kneeling over a body, Heva past it too quick to take in a description. The heavy woman ran headlong into the next rank of Necromancer's demon spawn. There she stood in front of the charging demons, calmly. She raised her staff above her and it lifted into the air, levitating magically. The jewel that was perched, locked, into the centre of the wooden, warped wood began to glow. Heva raised her hands above her, as if she was cupping something, and a surging green light appeared in the palms of her hands. The world around her seemed to hum in charging energy. "The Great Goddess Makara guides me!" Heva roared in a dialect enchanted and distorted by her power. The mage finally released her power. A slashing, destructive, yet rejuvinating beam of mixed emotion flowed calmly from her hands. The staff's light grew brighter as the wave of the Necromancer's army was wiped, banish and obliterated from the dust covered battle ground. The purplish, undead, half-dead, limping, gargantuan abominations evaporated from the gust of elegant energy. The energy flowed to completion of the rank of undead before disappating in a quiet woosh.

    Her redeemed power spent Heva's nearly collapsed from exhaustion. Her staff came down at a dangerous speed and stuck, stiff in the ground beside Heva. The squat woman leaned over on the staff heaving in breaths, exhausted. She turned to the Knights behind her and yelled, "Get your bloody arses up here! The next wave is coming soon!" Her final words before all went black and she collapsed with a thud where she stood, a dust cloud puffed up around her fallen body.
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