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Frederick Salusbury - Atlantean Relief Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

October 31st, 2012
Freddie, as most people liked to call him, hobbled around on his crutches, gently stepping to see if he could walk yet. He was already strange to look at and indescribably Atlantean (actually, it was perfectly describable - he had long, floppy ears, small horns and strangely shaped arms with an odd amount of hair growing down them) so he had done his best to do this while hiding next to his car. After his recent 'transformation' though, when standing, Freddie had grown a foot or so, so he had to slouch when standing to hide behind his SUV.

"I can do it this time, I think," he said, putting his crutches next to his car and trying to stand up. One step... two step... three step... four step... yes, this must be how to walk! And then, when he thought his fifth step was perfect, his 'ankle' buckled and he fell to the cement. It was very hard to walk for Freddie, if it couldn't be guessed, as the bottom half of his body was no longer... human. No, he was a 'fawn' as they had told him. Half man, half goat. It was... tolerable but not exactly fun. "Aw poop."

Without the horns and the ears and the whole 'I am a goat' part of him, Freddie looked like your adorable, twenty-something year old guy (he was actually twenty-four). His hair, a soft brown, was a mixture of curvy, wavy and shaggy, matching the small beard he had growing on his chin. He had very soft features; friendly, round, brown eyes, a button nose and a gentle expression on his face. Now, when in public, instead of girls 'aww-ing' at him, they liked to keep away. Although they really couldn't see his feet (which would make anyone scream and run), one look at those ears and those small horns and parents would usher away their kids. It was a little sad but Freddie had learned to accept that he couldn't help it and should try to make the best of it. Like learning to walk. Because walking with hind legs was incredibly hard.

"Beep, beep!" rang his phone and Freddie quickly got to his knees and reached inside the car for it. He didn't say anything, only a few words were given to him before he realised what he had to do.

"She's here. But Lukyanenko has them. Be quick."

"Roger!" he said, and hung up the phone. He grabbed his crutches and quickly locked the car before hobbling off towards the centre. He could see the back end of a commotion happening, with someone ushering off two girls, one of them familiar (he had seen her face in the files he had been given). Being an extremely under-experienced, Freddie had no ideas. Well, maybe one...

"Hey!" he called out in Swedish. "Hey Mrs. Lukyanenko! Are you busy?"

Oakley North - Atlantean Relief Centre, London, England

October 31st, 2012
"" Oakley hesitantly took the gift from the man, quickly inspecting it in her hand. It was as if it was carved hastily from wood, like something you'd buy from the Native American gift shops she had seen once when she went to Tennessee with her father one Summer. It was a little tacky, but cute.

She felt a little obliged to give something to him but one, she had nothing to give and two, she felt it was perhaps a little creepy that he had approached her like this. Maybe just out of the goodness of his heart, but it was still a little weird. Never the less, she struck a conversation so she wouldn't seem too unappreciative.

"Is this your ability?" she motioned to her now a little wet wolf. Despite it being cold outside, it had already started to melt. What a shame, she had just started to like it.

Oakley turned as the door opened again, letting in another Atlantean (well, she pressumed anyway). The person leading her in didn't seem very polite about it, quickly shoving her inside before shooting her a look and leaving hastily. Nobody had been that awful Oakley, even if it wasn't that awful at all. What had she said for the people to be rude? Maybe a little sarcasm... she had to watch what she said, otherwise the people here might be mean. What about the people in the waiting room? How awful could these people be personality wise? If she took off her bandage, would they be supportive or would they be mean? Would they make fun of her?

"Ow," she said, grabbing her right bicep as she felt her armour twinge as she worried. She looked back Nathaniel with a little worry. "Oh, uh, sorry."

The Librarian - A Taxi Cab, Honolulu, Hawaii

October 30th, 2012
"You have a better idea?"

"Indeed!" he clapped his hands together excitedly. At least the boy hadn't jumped out of the car. That would be nasty. "But first off, introductions! They call me the Librarian but you can call me Jam-- wait, that's your name," he frowned and made a face, rearranging himself so his entire body was faced towards his guest. "Today, you can call me Henry!"

It seemed the car was now doing circuits of a four block radius. As they passed the beach, the Librarian turned his head to marvel at the view. The waves were stunning. If only he wasn't here on business. If this was a pleasure trip, he would have been sure to bring his surfboard and perhaps snorkling equipment. Maybe his yacht too. Whatever suited his fancy.

"I offer sanctuary to lost and found Atlanteans, no matter what your social status is. Mass murderer, arsonist, jay walker, it doesn't matter!" the beach disappeared into the distance and the Librarian directed his attention back to the boy. "Since you seem to think you're in a bit of a pickle, I can erase you off the Earth. Not literally. I would never kill you, haha. Just... paper wise. Not even the FBI could find you," he gave a laugh at his example. Honestly, the FBI were a bunch of hopeless men and women. He should have said the Royal Family but since the boy didn't know who they were (well, perhaps he did. The news had covered them quite a bit since Atlanteans had become public), mortals would have to do. "You could start a new life, I suppose. Usually in exchange, I ask for ancestry but because I already have yours, we can sort out some other sort of payment."

The car pulled over and almost suddenly, they were parked outside the Honolulu International Airport. So close that you could actually see inside the main entry. Like he had said, there were guards standing at the entrance, seemingly frisking every person that entered the building. As well as the giant guards, there were men standing next to them, holding scarily large looking assault rifles. The Librarian scoffed at the thought of guns. Any Atlantean knew that they were basically useless against any non-mortal with at least six months experience, provided their ability wasn't too useless. Of course, the boy didn't know this.

"So, you may exit and see how you fare against those men with the guns and their large friends or you could come with me and I could show you how lightning really works," the Librarian gave a warm smile as the boy's door opened. Hopefully, he wasn't as dumb as he looked.

Misha Vedernikov - Atlantean Relief Centre, Warsaw, Poland

October 31st, 2012
The girl spoke back in a strange language the first time she shouted at him, so Misha kept walking back towards the car. He had no need to run (the guards could be dealt with as easily as last time as there was dirt everywhere) but the girl seemed to be rather hesitant on riding sideways on Misha's very comfortable shoulders (he thought so anyways). She answered his second question in English, so perhaps he should start conversing.

"Oh, yes. I’m very comfortable on some stranger’s back who may or may not want to kill me. Also, if you wouldn’t mind tell me, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?"

He didn't drop the girl, instead kept taking his leisurely pace back to the car.

"I vill not kill you," he chuckled heartily. "No, I already killed my quota sis veek." He finished with another chuckle. Obviously, his jokes were very funny. "I am called Misha. Misha Vedernikov, from Russia. I come to escort you to my car sen I take you to my friends."

He had reached his car now. He turned around to check behind him, and it seemed the guards were still trying dig themselves out of the dirt. Good. He pulled the girl off his shoulders and shoved her in the car, pulling her seatbelt over her and closing the door, putting the child lock on so she had no ideas. Misha pulled himself in turned the ignition, pulling the door closed and locking the car.

"Vhat is your name, little girl?"
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