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    Levina ~ Cape City ~ Snype

    Snype gave off his usual smile and reached over to pet her again. They then took off toward the church at the usual pace. Snype was getting used to moving at such high speeds but he was sure starting to feel to effects. He would feel light headed if he went on for too long. Thankfully they arrived before that kind of thing could happen. Snype jumped off of Levina and walked toward the Church.

    "Kehehe, well that means we're getting famous! They're probably yelling, "Lookout for the Sableye mounting a Jolteon!" Or something. Kehehe. See? We're making a name for ourselves!" Snype said happily.

    Levina snickered and watched Snype walk towards the church. She noticed his gait was different; almost as if he was slightly light headed. “The Dynamic Killing Duo. Hehe.” Levina laughed. “I love that fact but it ruins our little game. Pokemon will run and hide just at the mention of our names. Where is the fun in always hunting down our prey? I just want to gather a group and Thunder all of them to a pile of ashes.” Levina grinned evilly as she followed her partner in crime.

    Snype chuckled at her comment. She did in fact have a point, but Snype couldn't help but retort. "It wouldn't be much of a game if they were all gathered together would it? If you did that then we wouldn't have anything else left to kill! It’s much more satisfying to find them when they're hiding! Makes it more satisfying... I personally don't like having them spoon-fed to me. It gets soo booorrring..." Snype said.

    Levina made a face when she realized he was right. It wouldn’t but fun to have a firing-range type of execution. She wasn’t going to admit it to him though. “You like the thrill of the chase don’t you?” She snickered as she kicked in the door to the church. “Let me guess, Hide-and-Seek was your favorite game as a kid?” Levina teased him.

    "Kehehe, well you got me there! I was quite a fan of hide and seek when I was a kid! I always threw in my own little unique twist to it!" Snype said with a grin. He pointed at his gem like eyes.

    "Though I always had the best sight around. Nothing could get away from me. It was just natural for a Sableye, especially in the dark!" Snype said as he walked inside of the quiet church. The church hadn't been destroyed but there was a bit of debris from the nearby explosions. Figures they wouldn't target it.

    "Quiet in here... sure hope we can find some sort of clue." Snype said

    “Hmmm….remind me to never play that game with you then.” Levina snickered as she walked into the church. She slowly walked down the aisle looking for anything out of the ordinary. “It’s almost too quiet for a church don’t you think? I mean, with everything going on I figured there would be Pokemon here worshiping but there isn’t a soul in sight.” Levina walked down one of the front pews. “There is still debris and dirt on these pews. No one has been here since the explosions happened. It’s like this place has been abandoned.”

    Snype was getting suspicious now... why was a church of all places so empty? It’s almost as if it were emptied out for some occasion... then again everyone must have panicked and ran out. Snype was more clever than that though. He looked around to see if they were alone or not.

    "Keep an eye out. I got a bad feeling about this..." Snype said

    “I’m glad I’m not the only one.” Levina mumbled as she walked up the steps to the preacher’s stand. “Even this is all dusty. So either this is a condemned church or the preachers here suck.” Levina started digging through some of the papers hidden within the stand. Shortly after, Levina jerked away from the stand and started sneezing; thanks to the dust. To her embarrassment, she let out a few small, high-pitched sneezes that one would expect from a Mew.

    Snype's ears perked from her high pitched sneezes. It sounded cute coming from her, not that he made a mental note of it or anything. Snype quickly took this as an opportunity to tease her a bit more. "Hehe, sensitive nose over there huh? That high pitched sneeze sounded so adorable coming from you. Kehehe..." Snype said.

    Levina looked away, to hide a blush, and gave an annoyed look. “Oh shut up! It’s not my fault I’m allergic to dust. And I am the farthest thing from adorable.” She sat with her chest held high to make herself seem superior. “Besides…..I didn’t take you to have a weakness for cuteness Snypie-Poo.” Levina grinned and giggled.

    Snype gave off a grin and sat down beside her. "Kehehe, oh I don't care much for cuteness. But now I know it bugs you! Ya know I bet a ribbon would look pretty cute on you too!" Snype teased. "And Snypie-Poo? Stooping to nicknames are you? Hehe. We're bonding so well!" He said.

    Levina tackled Snype to the ground and sat on his chest like before. “I said shut up! I’d be tortured 20 times over before I would wear any type of foofy bow or anything like that.” She made no show of getting off of him any time soon. “You’re lucky I don’t electrocute you for that. And yes Snypie-Poo. I’m going to start calling you that in front of the others. I might just act like the desperate and obsessive girlfriend as well. I wonder how the others would view you with me constantly ‘whipping’ you into shape.” Levina looked down on Snype as an evil smirk graced her lips.

    Levina sat on top of his chest once again, but Snype just kept his smile going. She was getting irritated now! Snype knew her weakness! That made him happier than ever. "Oh? A desperate obsessive girlfriend? You'd like that wouldn't you?" Snype said with a smirk. "How obsessive are we talking here? Obsessive as in clingy or obsessive as in kissing her mate every ten seconds? Kehehe..." Snype said.

    “You would like either of those wouldn’t you?” Levina ignored his taunt and pretended to look out the window. “And to think, all this time I thought you were as crazy as I am. But you were just trying to get me to kiss and hang all over you. You poor, poor Pokemon. I didn’t realize my sex appeal has taken such a hold on you.” She cooed in a seductive matter.

    Snype raised a brow at her comment. Snype didn't think he was suggesting that sort of thing. He smirked at her again. "Kehehe, me? You’re the one that insisted sitting on top of me! Kehehe." Snype replied, laying his hands behind his head. "Trust me, I'm crazy. I'm very willing to admit it." He added with a smirk.

    “Well, you sit on top of me so I figured it would be fair to sit on you every once in a while.” Levina smirked at him and watched as he put his hands behind his head. “Besides…..with that smirk and that posture….it shows that you are enjoying the fact that I am sitting on top of you. Point proven.” She knew she had him with her last comment.

    Snype blinked. Gah! She got him there... he wasn't so sure how to reply to that one... He kept his smirk though. "Kehe, maybe I do. So sue me. Whatcha gonna do about it? Besides, the way you’re looking at me and your posture, I think you might actually like sitting on me! Or better yet... maybe theres something else you like about me." Snype said.

    “Well well so the truth comes out. Hehehehe.” Levina chuckled and smirked in a cocky way knowing he admitted to losing that round. “I had a feeling you had ‘it’ for me.” She winked at him and got off his chest, sitting beside him. “Maybe I do and maybe I don’t. I’m not telling you a thing and you can’t make me.” Levina stuck her tongue out at the Sableye.

    Snype got up onto his rump and sat beside Levina, keeping his large grin. "Have it in for you? Kehehe. I never said I did. I just gave a maybe, just like you. Kehehe. I dunno, maybe I could be more specific if you persuade me. Kehe." Snype said.

    “You never had to say anything. Your actions spoke loud and clear.” Levina started grooming her fur as she spoke. “Think about it….you made that breeding comment and then insisted on riding on my back and now the comments you just made… all points to you having a crush on me. Hehe. And now you want me to ‘persuade’ you. You are a kinky one aren’t you?” Levina grinned and walked away from Snype to look at the papers she was digging through earlier.

    Snype winced at her comments but laughed as she kind of saw right through him. He did start to take a liking to her but it was all strategic. Having somebody else on his side at all times would benefit him a lot. He simply decided to go with it and followed her. "What can I say? I'm crazy! A Sableye flirting with a Jolteon? A bit crazy eh? Hey you were doing a bit of it yourself! I think you might be starting to like me too! Kehehe. Why else would you be making up names for me? It doesn’t bug me yet you looovvveee doing it." He said.

    Levina stopped and looked at him before spacing off. An intense and serious look plastered on her face. “Hmmm……love huh?” She became quiet for a bit before walking up to Snype; getting really close to his ear. “Of course I love you you silly Pokemon. Did it really take you that long to figure it out? You drive me crazy!” Levina whispered seductively and walked away a bit. By then she couldn’t resist any longer and burst out laughing; rolling on the floor. Her own joke got the better of her. She couldn’t hold it together anymore.

    Snype's ears perked from the comment, blushing when she whispered into his ears. Snype watched her as she walked off seductively and when she laughed. He couldn't tell if she was joking or not but he decided to join her in her little laughing spree.

    "Kehehehe, yeah right! That was way too easy for someone like you! Kehehe." Snype chuckled.

    “I never thought in a million years I would see you blush.” Levina teased as she smiled at him. “And now I know your weakness. So we are even once again.” She sat back up and watched him. “Someone like me? So you have classified me hm? Hehe. What classification am I under?” Levina giggled and approached him once again but sat in front of him.

    Snype sat down in front of her as well. "Well, I'd classify you under the same as me almost. Crazy, a lust for blood, and doing anything to get what they want. That kind of thing. Kehehe." Snype said.

    “True enough….but you forgot kinky. Hehe.” Levina chuckled. She wasn’t going to let Snype live that one down. She was going to make sure she teased him about it every chance she got. Levina let out a sigh as she calmed down. “Hey mind giving me back my backpack for a second?”

    Snype raised a brow. For all he knew she would try to run off with it. Not that he cared at this point. He got most of what he wanted and all. He gave her the backpack and let her do what she wanted with it.

    “What is that look for? Think I’m going to run off and leave you without a ‘noble steed’?” Levina chuckled as she took the bag from him. She opened the bag and dug through its contents before taking out a good sized pouch that was tied shut with a string. Levina opened the pouch and bit into an Oran berry that was hidden inside, removing it from the pouch. “You want one?” She slid the pouch to Snype, her words muffled by the berry stuck in her mouth.

    Snype blinked as she offered him a berry. She was certainly showing much more hospitality now. He took the berry from the pouch and nodded to her. Snype actually was pretty hungry so he took her offer happily.

    "Mmm... Thanks. I prefer munching on Gems but I'll take what I can get." Snype said.

    Levina took a bite and sat down her berry as she noticed the look Snype gave her. “What’s that look for?” She huffed slightly annoyed, trying to hide the fact that she just showed a glimpse of her true self to the scruffy Pokemon. “Gems? You really eat gems?” Levina questioned trying to change the subject at hand.

    Snype chuckled again. "My you’re observant of every time I give you a strange look. Must be my eyes. It gets a lot of looks from Pokemon." He teased her. "And yes. I do eat Gems. It's a part of our diet! Our teeth are razor sharp. We could bite through diamond if we wanted to! Keep that in mind if you need help breaking into anywhere. Hehe." Snype added.

    “I’m more observant then you probably think I am. Any second is a chance to catch something I can use against you. True?” Levina giggled. “And I was thinking about killing you and stealing your eyes to see how much I could get for them.” Levina jokingly said as she finished off her berry. “I’ll remember that. Hehe. I do know of some places I would love to be able to get into.”

    Allora ~ Tunnel

    Allora smiled, looking back at her old teacher as they talked quietly. “I am glad some made it. I know the loss of those battles all too well……” She trailed off as if she was debating with herself to speak the next part. “……..Alana……was among the casualties Gallant. They attacked her group just north of the city. She was there as part of a relief effort. They were among the first to go.”

    Allora returned her attention to Paladin as he answered her questions. "After I fought Jeb - I mean, that illusion created by Xatu - I blacked out. The last thing I remember is...overwhelming power..." Paladin said. "So much power...but no control..." He murmured. Allora watched him closely as she whispered to him. “I saw all that had happened. You….weren’t yourself anymore. And your coloring….that grey took over the rest of your body when it happened.” Allora took a step back when Paladin leaned against the wall suddenly. It was obvious that he was in some sort of pain. Even Gallant made a point to mention his condition. “Paladin what’s wrong? Are you ok?” The thought of that event happening again jumped into her mind. If he changed in here they would all be dead. There would be no way any of them could stop him.

    Just as suddenly as it began it had stopped. "Let's move," Paladin commanded as he stood back up and charged ahead of the rest. Allora stopped once again to watch her friend become someone else. “We aren’t going anywhere!” She commanded right back to Paladin as she sprinting ahead of him, blocking the path. “Not until we know what is going on with you.” Allora stared Paladin down to get the point across that she was serious. “Ever since that event in the tunnels after we met I have noticed your personality changing. It’s like there are two of you fighting for control of your body. The kind and caring Golurk who I first met and this…..brute who acts like a Silver Tribe member. With you falling unconscious during the illusion and now that event just seconds ago……you aren’t well enough to be on this mission Paladin. I don’t know what is going on with you……..but you’re going to get yourself killed if you keep pushing things the way you are now.” By the end her lecture her harsh commanding tone had soften quite a bit. Allora had meant it when she told Paladin he was like her family and she was going to do what she could to protect him like family. Even if that meant showing some tough love to the Golurk. Allora wasn’t going to be afraid to stand up to him if it was for his own good.