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    The Classroom > The Bathroom
    The barbed skin of roughly-hewn rope stroked Ashling's exposed skin. Her forehead covered in a thin layer of sweat cooled only by the desk it rested on, it was all the young woman could do not to growl to herself in frustration at the trap looming over her. She hadn't walked through it yet, no rope binding her limbs together or apart for the cold blade of Fairytale, which allowed her some small hope of managing to retreat from the dangers that lurked even from the bleeding teacher with a gaze not befitting any leader. She would be able to make it through the stress, she knew, if she just pulled away from the aura that sought to entangle her. Immune to the passing of time, she came out of her shell with a shake of her fuzzy blonde head and saw that Elene was sitting stout beside her.

    "Welcome back." The slightest smile between smugness and a giggle painted the girl's lips, as a cool hand clasped Ashling's beneath the desk in a sign of comfort that would have been missed by those only paying attention to Elene's teasing words. "I'd like you to get back to your room and unwind. Dinner will be brought once I sneak some out of the cafeteria or the mall, and I'd hate to see you sobbing in the middle of the courtyard on my way back." Her tone was firm, almost commanding, but Ashling trusted in them more than anything else, and she knew that Elene was good for them. Getting to her feet, she planted a kiss on the pale girl's forehead and left the classroom with her pack hung over her shoulder. She got to the door before shooting a glance back at the Vampire that held her fingers together, and closed the passage behind her with a soothing click.

    Flanking the wall, Ashling's path lead her away from the classroom and past an apparent confrontation that didn't demand her presence; there was nothing military about it, and she feared that her illusions would slip out of her control were such a thing demanded of her while she was fleeing. The hunger pangs inside her stomach weren't helping, but it was more important to freshen up and get out of the sheath around her waist. It was a comfort, most of the time, but she didn't want combat for the time being. Upon returning to her room, she would be able to continue working on one of her tapestries, or listening to some music. Tomorrow there were no classes, so the latent stresses could be worked out through sparring, just as soon as she found a place suitable for such things on the school grounds.

    Perhaps a small boost of confidence would serve its purpose for letting her walk all the way to the girl's dorm, without looking like a kicked dog along the way. Turning into the first bathroom she could, her presence was announced with the soft thud of the closing bathroom door. Ashling aproached the sinks lining up at the wall and stared into her own reflection for a few moments. It was strange how her race could look so beautiful without even a dash of the make-up some of the others were forced to wear, and it was one of the things she wasn't forced to hide like the wicked wings and tantalizing tail of her true form. They were just as much a part of her, but she dared not break the rules so early. Instead, she brought a finger around her one intact eye, crimson already. The tip of a perfect nail dragged around the present skin, followed by a line of softly glowing red until the circle was completed. The figment of illusion burst into life, the Succubus' eye appearing to pulse with crimson light, just like it would when she fought.

    The smile that spread across Ashling's lips was ceased by the sight of crumpled legs beneath one of the bathroom stall doors, and the ragged breathing of somebody that was crying, or recently had been. Somebody that had fallen into the razor vines of despair and tugged into a booth of emotional defecation. Some part of her wanted to walk away and solve her own issues, but the renewed confidence of her glowing eye instilled a sense of honor in the young woman's heart; she would be no kind of hero to leave anybody alone when her presence could help. Even misery tasted better when it was shared. Thus, Ashling approached the stall on quiet feet and rapped softly on it so the occupant wouldn't be startled.

    "Good evening..." Ashling spoke clearly through the bathroom stall door, as she suddenly realized that she rarely comforted anyone like this before. "Good evening..." She repeated, before speaking with confidence at finally thinking of something to say in the agonizing few seconds between words. "Good evening! I'm here to help. I'm called Ashling."
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