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    Steven ran though the woods. He wasn't very good at this stealth thing. Maybe that would show he didn't do it. No. That wasn't what he wanted. He wanted them to be suspicious. He wanted to be called up. He needed all six Pokemon first Everyone knew that the Warden always carried two. Although they didn't know of which types.

    Back on track. He needed to catch this Riolu for two reasons. He needed to get to the final stage before he could blow everything up. Metaphorically, and Literally. Also he wanted this Riolu. If he could get a Lucario out of it, which a Weavile? That would be perfect.

    Steven heard the fighting again, and advanced quietly. But this time, the Riolu was, fighting another Riolu? How many were there? Well that would be perfect. He needed to wait until they spilt up and one lay knocked out on the dirt. Then he would catch it. He saw Sonara across the clearing. He made a stopping motion to her, but she didn't notice. He jumped up and down, but she kept advancing. Slowly. Then she jumped forward with agility. The Riolu that they fought before stepped out of the way, but Sonara went careening into the other one with Metal Claws.

    The first Riolu ran off. D*m* it! (OOC do I have to bleep that? Or is it okay?) Steven advanced on the other one, which was Quick-Attack-punching Sonara. He tackled it, and it fell to the ground. Quickly Steven pulled out the Pokeball, and pressed the button. The air underneath him became vacant, and he fell to the ground. He sighed, and rolled over.

    But Riolu came out of the Pokeball, and rose into the air. "What the heck?" Then he realized. Magnet Rise? It knows Magnet Rise?
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