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Pokemon Survival Challenge V2


You, a skilled and talented trainer, have received a letter from an anonymous sender. What’s in this letter? An invitation to a large-scale tournament, “The Ultimate Challenge”, held on a remote, privately owned island. The invitation details where the ferry will dock in your region and promises not only a great challenge, but a huge reward. You pack your bags and head off to catch the ferry, eagerly awaiting the journey to come.

All is not as it seems however; the anonymous benefactor of the tournament is truly a criminal with a terrible ulterior motive for hosting his tournament. He wants to wage a war against society, but for that he needs an army and despite his excessive wealth he has neither the manpower nor the recourses for a war. But he does have brains and in his devious mind he found the best way to create an army, was a draft. How would he draft people into an illegal army? The answer was simple, not people, but pokemon. His organisation doesn’t have the means to train a full army though, so they developed a new type of pokeball, the Reverse Ball – The pokeball that will only catch a pokemon that has already been caught. With his devious invention ready to be deployed, he sent out invitations to as many powerful trainers as he could find, ones that wouldn’t be noticed if they went missing.

Upon arriving, you and the other trainers were gathered on the beach, awaiting the opening address from the tournaments organiser and once the boats were out of the way, the man stepped onto a podium, surrounded by armed guards. He wore a simple, elegant white suit, over his tanned skin and a black, grotesque mask over his face, identifying himself only as Concello he began to explain everything but his motives to the trainers. The rules of his tournament were simple
“This tournament may be unorthodox, but the Ultimate Challenge is still a tournament and like all tournaments it has rules. If your pokemon faints in battle, any battle, then I will know and I will deploy what is known as a Reverse Ball. The Reverse Ball will capture your fainted pokemon, regardless of the fact that you already have, and you will never see it again. Returning it to your own pokeball will not prevent the capture, nothing will.

Secondly, the only technology present on this island is within my own base, the location of which I will not share with a single one of you. If you want to survive you must do it with your own skills and knowledge. No help will be given to you, victory is determined by you, and you alone.

I am a tough man, but I am also a fair man. As long as even a single pokemon, even one of the ones not originally on your team, remains on your person; you will be allowed to replenish your team from the islands own population of wild pokemon. If your team runs out however, I will deal with you accordingly. If your team runs out, so does your time. Do not run, do not hide, this will not save you it will only delay your fate and your suffering.

Even now as I speak; I can see some of you looking to the sky and to the waters surrounding my island, but there is no escape. Even the most powerful pokemon on your team would most likely not make the long distance back to civilisation, assuming of course you lived long enough to evade me in the first place. I will mercilessly hunt down anyone who runs.

I will give you some hope though, a reason to strive to win. If you win this tournament, I will allow you and any of your companions into my ranks. You may even see your lost pokemon again. So, with that I will take my leave. You have until tomorrow morning to prepare. Good luck to you all.”

The Island

The island is roughly round in shape. The edges of the island are rocky bluffs and sandy beaches but further inland there are grassy plains that eventually develop into a deep forest. At the centre of this forest is a small mountain range, below which the underground base of Concello is found, not that you’ll be aware of this.


This is a free play RP in which minor plot events will be thrown in at random intervals to spice up the gameplay and prepare you for the eventual conclusion. In this RP, you never know what might happen next, but danger lurks around every corner.





Appearance: Ethnicity, physical appearance and clothing. You may include an image but a written description is mandatory.

Personality: Self explanatory, be detailed. Any particularly interests or unusual fears/quirks?

Team on arrival: Must have six on arrival. Include Species, Nickname (if any), Ability, and moves (Four move maximum).

History: Where are you from? What are some significant events in your life? Why would you be selected for the “tournament”?

Brief summary of preparation day: How did your character spend their day of preparation?
Other Info: Anything useful or important to your character that doesn't apply in the other categories.


• All forum rules apply
• You must start with a team of six
• Don’t godmod
• Don’t bunny without permission
• You may create NPC’s but they mustn’t be central to the main story
• If your character is disqualified (killed) then you may sign-up again with a new character.
• You may request to play as an already existing character.
• Reservations will last three days before being removed.
• You may not discover Concello’s base or interact with him at all until the plot movement is posted by a GM.
• Levels do not exist
• The opportunity to evolve or learn a new move is decided by a GM
• You may catch a wild pokemon at your leisure and decide its starting moves but be fair and reasonable, not all pokemon will be strong at first or know uber moves.
• Player v Player battles are to be negotiated between the two but a GM may step in.
• It is preferable for drawn out battles to be double posts.
• Pokemon can die, but this is obviously not the goal of the tournament
• You are expected to lose team members at some point.

List of Available Wild Pokemon


Tentacool, Frillish, Wingull, Pellipper, Magikarp, Gyarados, Wailmer, Chinchou, Lantern, Mantyke, Remoraid, Quilfish, Corsola, Carvahna, Seel, Spheal, Sealeo, Horsea, Seadra, Goldeen


Krabby, Corphish, Psyduck, Slowpoke, Stunfisk, Sandile, Shelder, Clamperl, Dwebble, Staryu


Tynamo, Eelektrik, Surskit, Lotad, Lombre, Feebas, Miltoic, Azurill, Marill, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Buizel, Basculin, Tympole, Palpitoad, Dratini


Sentret, Furret, Zigzagoon, Linoon, Poochyena, Mightyena, Nidorans, Nidorino, Nidorina, Rosellia, Oddish, Gloom, Ekans, Mareep, Flaffy, Ponyta, Blitzle, Rhyhorn, Phanpy, Tauros, Miltank, Giraferig, Stantler, Growlithe, Pidgey, Starly, Pidove, Lillipup, Deerling


Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Wurmple, Silcoon, Cascoon, Sewaddle, Venopede, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Shroomish, Seedot, Nuzleaf, Venonat, Murkrow, Swablu, Buneary, Cotonee, Petilil, Minccino

Deep Forest Only

Butterfree, Beedrill, Beautifly, Dustox, Swadloon, Whirlipede, Pinsir, Heracross, Scyther, Ghastly, Haunter, Duskull, Dusclops, Shuppet, Baynette, Misdreavus, Gothita, Gothorita, Solosis, Duosion, Abra, Kadabra, Combee, Zorua, Foongus, Houndour, Houndoom, Litwick, Lampent


Roggenrolla, Boldore, Geodude, Graveller, Zubat, Golbat, Woobat, Whismur, Loudred, Sableye, Mawile, Wynaut, Aron, Drilbur, Joltic, Galvantuala, Axew, Fraxure, Trapinch, Vibrava, Heatmor, Durant, Gryoginal, Gible, Gabite, Magnemite, Magneton


Machop, Machoke, Timburr, Gurdurr, Slugma, Cubone, Numel, Meditite, Medicham, Magby, Elekid, Bagon, Shelgon, Ralts, Kirlia, Tyrogue

Mountain Peak

Rufflet, Vullaby, Teddiursa, Ursaring, Cubchoo, Beartic, Swinub, Piloswine, Snorunt, Absol, Skamory, Beldum, Meetang, Druddigon, Bouffalant, Pawniard, Meinfoo


Other pokemon can be found in any location excluding the mountain peak areas. Despite this they are rare and not often seen on the island.
Eevee, Riolu, Scraggy, Sigilyph, Baltoy, Yanma, Chingling, Chimecho, Tangela, Drifloon.

Current Plot Events

Day 2 - Morning (aprox 7am-12pm)
Currently only free play - Severe storm incoming

Accepted Characters

1. Gimmepie (GM) as Zaki Halithersis
2. Strikit as Mara Henning
3. Vexilum as Vex
4. MancerNecro as Lena Zhang
5. iLike2EatPiez as Caroline McKenna
6. 14Henderson7 as (Sergeant Major) Lee Crowell
7. Kanea as Allan Schneider
8. EliteBeats as Kingsley Barajas
9. Open
10. Open
11. Open
12. Open


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