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    @ Sarge 981: Hmmm... that's really weird. Have you edited the pokemon center itself? Because if you've touched people inside of it (especially n. Joy), you may accidentally have set a person events movement byte to the one that says "Do not use - you will be this person after battling". Or at least, something along those lines. I'm sorry if it's of little help, but this is the only thing I can think of, apart from some kind of ROM corruption, which would produce the effect as you described it. You might seriously consider checking this either way, since you may have accidentally selected it while scrolling: I know that has happened to me at least once, except I was lucky enough that I got a normal movement byte.
    The thing to do here is to really try to narrow it down as best as you can. Then, if all else fails and you're sure it happens somehow during the healing, you could just replace that entire PC with a new map.

    Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
    Hello, I am havin issues... when all my pokemon faint I dont respawn... im just getting a black screen...

    I followed this guide:
    word for word to increase my sethealingplace list... but now I just get a black screen, forcing the player to reset their game...

    logically it should work unless there is a point that guide is missing (or I messed it up somewhere else)

    so is there another guide for this? or does anyone know where the script is that runs after a person dies?
    cause resetting the game woulnt be that bad if it did it automatically... no respawns, when you die you start from your last save point... it would make people save more

    the black screen happen right after the "player whited out" text... before the "player scurried to the pokemon center protecting his pokes from furthur harm" text...

    You might want to try JPAN's hacked engine. I'm pretty certain it includes a rewrite of the way 'respawning' works, giving you access to a potentially infinite number of healing places.