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    "OOOOOHHHH- KAAY!" Xeye screams across the valley, causing her booming voice to echo off of the rolling hills of their new location.

    "We're here! WHOOOOOH!" she cries again, pointing across to the abandoned keep that Wolf Pops identified as the bandit hideout.

    Scrambling up to the top of the hill, she takes the initiative, unlatching her left axe and throwing it over her shoulder to rest.

    "Have no fear! I will take them all out with a single blow!" she hollers again, focusing on the bandits' hideout before her.

    Unhooking her other axe, she leaps forth and positions herself in front of the gang, her pale silver eyes fixed on the rundown fortress in front of them. Wind currents begin to pick up gradually, swirling around the energetic half-elf and in particular, her matching weapons. Concentrating enough twisting wind currents wrapping around her weapons, she throws her arms forward with incredible force, letting out a high-pitched grunt that sounds more like a squeak. Her bladed weapons cross, the right axe passing over the one held in her left. Her arms unleash in a sudden, loud burst a gust of cutting winds, but the energies begin to rapidly destabilize, causing a small whirlwind to develop in front of her.

    "Huh?" she perks up, her face growing more grim as the whirling winds begin to backfire.

    "N-n-no! Not whaaat I waaaaanted!!!" she bellows as the small twister scoops her off her feet, blasting her several yards back behind her, just over the hill where the rest of her gang lays.

    The half-elf woman's body collides with the hard, grassy earth, sliding a bit from sheer momentum, dislodging her leopard scalp bandana from her head. Xeye slows to a stop, her body falling limp onto the earth. Her eyes, opening slightly, appear dazed, looking up into the sky above her while her mouth gapes open slightly, moaning. Her wild blue hair is sprawled out over the ground below her, dirtied up by her rough landing. Despite her best efforts, the winds were not at her back. Or, perhaps she didn't actually know what she was doing. Whatever the case is, she paid the price.

    "O-ow...." she utters softly, lying mostly immobile across the ground. "Why... didn't it... w-work?"
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