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Originally Posted by bubbacca View Post
Now, this might not sound like much, but here is where the evidence starts to make a lot more sense. In the legends, there is a serpent living under the tree's roots. What other animal would make the shape of a Z? Xerneas and Yveltal made the shapes of X and Y respectively, so the mascot of the third game that they will probably make would be in the shape of a Z. A serpent would be able to easily make the shape of a Z. The serpent would be able to move both up and down, as it lives underground and can move wherever it wants to.
I can easily see that happening, however, with the move they pulled with Black 2 and White 2, we can't be certain there'll be a third game. It's likely that third games are gonna be pretty rare from now on, as a result of Gamefreak trying to break the repetitiveness of the seperate games, and possibly try new things. Or maybe they'll make a third game, which just follows another formula than what they've done with all the other "third games of the generations". Like, making the third game follow another storyline, but still taking place in the same generation (like B2/W2). But yeah, if a serpent appears as a legendary in X and Y, we're most likely in for some kind of follow up game(s) that features that specific Pokemon :p

Originally Posted by bubbacca View Post
What about Sylveon's type?
Unfortunately, Sylveon isn't a legendary Pokemon, so there are better places than this club to discuss it, so I recommend you check out the XY forum if you want to join in on the debate :)