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    Set in a completely new region, Whisky Brown follows the story of an insanely poor family. After recently being forced to stay in a cave for shelter, the father decides that enough is enough and sets out to win the Pokemon League to earn enough money for a home. However, he is quickly forced to give up, as he's far to old and weak to travel the country collecting gym badges. In a last ditch effort to save the family, he spends the last of his money on a couple Pokedexes, and gives them to his sons, along with two of the few Pokemon they caught. All he can do now is pray that at least one of them makes it big.



    Added Pokemon (Fake/Later gens)


    Here's a list of all the Pokemon that will be available when I release the next patch:

    Incase the legend is unreadable, here it is:
    Green = Findable on routes
    Yellow = Available through evolution
    Brown = Obtainable through in-game trade
    Blue = Starter Pokemon
    Red = Pokemon I'm unable to remember if I included

    1. Awesome classic rock soundtrack
    2. Many altered movesets, changed abilities and stat re-adjustments to make weaker Pokemon more useful
    3. New moves and the addition of certain later-gen moves
    4. Lots of humor
    5. Completely new region
    6. Raised difficulty
    7. New ways to evolve trade-only Pokemon
    8. Avalibility of every Pokemon from the first 3 gens, event Pokemon included.
    9. No breeding required for baby Pokemon, they can be found wild
    10. New overworld sprites

    The PokeMMO Character creator, which was used as a template for my overworld sprite
    Hackmew for making like 90% of the tools I used

    I haven't got all of these features implemented yet, but I promise you that they will be in there by the time this is done.

    Patch (Version 0.1):

    That link also includes a couple of the MIDIs that will be included in later updates if anybody wants to hear them, since I can't figure out Sappy. Enjoy
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