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First Update of my Bug-Type run on Crystal!!!

-Picked Starter, went to Mr.Pokemon house yadadada......
-Caught a Caterpie! Named it Potato
-Caught a Weedle, named it Me!
-Caught a Spinarak, named it Spiderack
-Grinded all to Level 10
-Finally went through the route to Violet
-Went through Sprout Tower, nothing really exciting
-Challenged Falkner, suprisingly, I won on my first try
-Currently looking to catch a Ledyba
Potato the Butterfree - Lvl.13
Me! the Beedril - Lvl.11
Spiderack the Spinarak - Lvl.11
Completed Challenges: The One by One Challenge (Red), The First Route Challenge (Crystal)
Current Challenges: Randomizer Nuzlocke (Sapphire), Random Pokemon Challenge (Emerald), Location Challenge (Emerald)