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    ∣ "Solo"
    Cafeteria > Girl's Bathroom

    Chapter Three: Part Eight
    Social Interaction

    Effect: None

    ... And then Eva took off. Somehow that action drained all of Solo's anger for the time being, and now he was just confused. So... Was she a friend? The thought still bothered him immensely, though he continued to ponder it. It might seem that she was, whether he liked it or not. Eva likely wouldn't enjoy his leaving, and honestly? Solo wouldn't enjoy it either. He was at that mental fork in he road: Continue on with no friends, or try to hold onto this one that, deep inside, he felt he could trust. He assumed he might never feel trust in anyone else, so losing the one 'friend' he had would be a very poor choice. He decided to himself; Eva was his friend, his only friend.

    ... Boy, was that awkward to say in his mind. It would probably feel awkward until he started to get used to it, something he had been reluctant to. When his mind cleared itself he remembered that he was in the cafeteria, and Eva had left in a hurry, not 'feeling well'. She didn't seem all that sick to him, so what exactly did that mean? No one in his pack ever lied about something like that. He decidedly began to follow (albeit later than he should have), following what he knew by now was Eva's scent out of the Cafeteria and down the hall. The scent led him to, ironically, a girl's bathroom.

    Solo seemed oblivious (or ignorant) to the common knowledge that a boy going into the girl's bathroom was usually not so great of an idea. Nonetheless, he opened the door, following the sound of crying. Hearing it gave him an emotion that he had long forgotten, so its immediate return was more confusing than anything. He soon realized that it was sympathy. He didn't like the thought that Eva was in any sort of pain, emotional or otherwise. He continued into the bathroom, walking toward the stall and not realizing that someone had come for just the same reason as him seconds before. The unfamiliar girl spoke to Eva in a somewhat reassuring manner. Hey, wasn't that Solo's job?

    Now he felt like he was in a predicament. More so than the fact that he was standing in the girl's bathroom. Something in him told him that he should be helping Eva, not this girl. But on the other hand, preventing help directed toward Eva would be wrong, wouldn't it? He was at a loss for words, but simply decided to chime in; not that he was on the same team as this girl, or anything. "Hey, uh..." He scratched the back of his head. This was harder than he thought. "What's wrong...? You left in a hurry, are you okay?"

    Speaking these sorts of words was probably harder for Solo than being beaten to death by three werewolves.

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