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I'll replace steel with normal.

Finally: My team will be

Spiritomb TWICE! That is really cool, seriously. Love them evil being.

Infernape Best Gen IV starter (IMO) and second best starter ever.

Tornadus Funny fact: In this game, you catch Tornadus both Therian AND Shiny

Relicanth NeverUsed him !

Staraptor Hurray !

First Update

Choosed Oshawott as my starter
Beat Hugh
Beginning stuff
Caught the first member of my team !
Star The Naive Starly (F)
Forgot to give her her Nickname...
Boxed Oshawott
Trained Star to level 7
Met Alder
Delivered the Town Map to Hugh
Saved Herdier from the bad guy
Defeated Alder's two disciple
Star evolved! Intimidate F*** YEAH
Received the Medal Box