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    Originally Posted by Ruki_Kato View Post
    Took the Cable Car up to Mt. Chimney. It's easy going through the area. I kinda wonder why everyone has Poochyena though, even Archie. Universal Bad Guy Pokemon apparently. One of the Team Aqua says Team Magma is a weird name, which I thought was kinda funny.

    Maxie goes down pretty easy, and just walks away afterwards. On my way to Lavaridge I encounter the awesome cookie lady. I take a bit and buy 30 of these things. They're cheaper than Full Heals and also yummier. In Lavaridge I also get an egg from the hot springs lady.

    After taking a minute to navigate through the gym I encounter Flannery. The only thing to give me trouble is her Torkoal. It kills me in my first attempt, since I didn't use any thunder attacks on it thinking it was rock. My second attempt I try Thunderbolt and it goes down in one hit. 4/8 badges obtained.

    Upon leaving Brendan gives me the Go-Goggles. A lot of trainers in the desert use Sandshrew apparently. Nothing really interesting happens otherwise besides me getting the Claw Fossil. From here I headed down to Slateport to take the boat to Petalburg. Time to take on Gym number 5. After making sure to make my way through all the rooms I take on Dad. All of his Pokemon are OHKO'd. Badge 5/8 obtained.

    After beating him I get Surf. Yay! Taught this to Derp Duck. At this point I decide to go exploring. In New Bark I get the Amulet Coin for Tron. He's never taking this off. In Mauville I get the Basement key from Wattson. On my way to New Mauville I see the greatest sign ever. Nothing interesting happens in New Mauville otherwise. I get Thunderbolt from Wattson. Too bad Tron already knows this.

    A few steps from Fallarbor the egg finally hatches. Smiley the Wynaut is shoved into the box in Fallarbor. Upon arriving back in Petalburg I Surf south towards Dewford. Healing up here I head east towards Slateport. I'm almost out of PP when I arrive, even after going through the Abandoned Ship.

    Having done a complete circle I head east from Mauville to the new area of the map. Making my way across the small gap I head north towards Fortree. On my way up I catch Peant Butr and Jelly, both Tropius. Since I can't go further I rest up in the Weather Institute. Here I deposit Jasper and NomNom and take out Peant Butr. I teach her Rock Smash, Strength, and Cut while Derp Duck gets Flash. Upon defeating the Aqua Admin I also stick Bobble Head the Castform into the box before leaving.

    Outside I fight Brendan again. He gives me Fly upon defeat, which gets taught to Peant Butr. Since I can't take on the Fortree Gym yet I bypass the city and just keep heading east. I get the Devon Scope from Steven and deposit my HM slaves before taking Gym. The whole gym is hilariously easy as I go through it. The only thing to even survive is Altaria. Who somehow had 1 HP left after my Thunderbolt. She survived 2 of them before falling to a 3rd. 6/8 badges obtained.

    Tron the Bold Raichu
    LV: 61 Ability: Static Item: Amulet Coin
    161 / 123 / 95 (his defense is horrible) / 130 / 111 / 163
    Shockwave / Tail Whip / Secret Power / Thunderbolt

    Peant Butr the Tropius: LV 26 Cut / Strength / Rock Smash / Fly
    Derp Duck the Lotad: LV 15 Surf / Growl / Flash / Nature Power

    I was wondering if I could also switch my Sinnoh and Unova games. I'd like to make them Pearl and White if possible. I own both versions on my DS. Seeing as I'd rather not lose the Pokemon I have on either game I'll be playing them on an emulator instead.

    Ultimate Solo Challenge: Tron the Raichu
    LeafGreen: 8 of 8 Badges
    Crystal: 16 of 16, Red Defeated
    Emerald: 6 of 8 Badges
    Pearl: 0 of 8 Badges
    White: 0 of 8 Badges
    I don't see any problem with changing the game you want to play, so of course you can.
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