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    The Single Heavy Ball is a staple IMO. It plays a more important role than even that of a 4th Catcher! Crazy?! No. Due to the fact that Heavy Ball can be searched for by Skyla. Gives you the option to search for Blastoise without having to use an Ultra Ball, which can sometimes leave you with a tricky situation on T2 as by using Ultra Ball you may Infact have to discard a card in your hand you need! For instance a Supporter card, or that 1 extra energy required to attack on T2 with Keldeo EX. Or even maybe a Catcher, or the worst case, the Rare Candy you need to evolve the Blastoise your wanting to search for! Skyla - Heavy Ball / Rare Candy for your T2 Blastoise is a great asset to have. Ok sometimes Heavy Ball may be prised and you'll have to Ultra Ball but I think it's better to have the option of the Heavy Ball. Especially because it can also search for Black Kyurem EX! Basically Heavy Ball frees the deck up a little by giving you direct access to both Blastoise and BKEX pretty much when you need it! (if you have a Skyla in your hand when you do lol)

    Super Rod is a staple in this deck for one reason. That is the same reason it's included in almost every Blastoise Deck. Which is to get the Blastoise's you may of had to discard in the early game back into your deck! Not Energy... It's more of an insurance card really... You also might find in the early game you'd rather discard Black Kyurem EX if you've drawn it, instead of benching it! (I'm talking T1/T2 here)

    The Level ball Simply adds to the odds of benching a Squirtle on T1. But that's a list I don't use, only a suggestion if you can't afford Tropical Beach.

    N is greater than colress in the early game, the consistency of colress isn't good enough. That's why I run only 1 because it's amazing from the mid to late game! It's up to you obviously, it's your deck! I'm not trying to tell you what to do. I think 1 copy of colress is viable, possibly 2 but not 3!

    I hope I've helped you!

    Peace bro
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