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I just started a nostalgia run on my Crystal Cart (watched a tutorial on how to replace the battery) and old GBC.

I just reached Olivine this afternoon with this team so far:

Apollo the Quilava: Lvl 24
Sharpnel the Pineco: Lvl 22
RickAstley the Phanpy: Lvl 24 (bugger took me forever to find)
Vexos Golbat: Lvl 23
Wonder the Eevee: Lvl 22
Slavinator the Paras: Lvl 6 (Cut, Rock Smash, and Flash ftw!)

Going to evolve my Eevee into an Espeon and catch a Chinchou now that I have a Good Rod. I wanted my team to consist of all Johto Pokemon, or evolutions that were introduced in second gen. It's been pretty awesome so far.
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