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    Originally Posted by Ceecee_101 View Post
    My current targets are:
    Shroomish - Petalburg Woods 1800 RE + 3301 MM eggs.
    Abra - 4113 + 3184 (changed versions)
    Route 32 - 2200 RE - Hoping for Rattata or Bellsprout to reclaim lost shinies from G/S/C
    Torchic - 5830 SR

    On Hold:
    Ho-Oh - 1180

    Feel free to give estimates of how long you think it will take me to get my hunts
    Welcome to the club, Ceecee! I remember you from SHU.


    Shroomish: 1
    Abra: 895
    Route 32: 5992
    Torchic: 2362
    Ho-oh: 7012

    Those are really boring answers on my part, haha. :cer_laugh:

    Originally Posted by imevil View Post
    Been A while since I updated but heres all the shiny's I've found,
    Zigzagoon (Emerald)
    Pidgeotto (Pokemon Legend of Guardians)
    Rattata (Heart Gold)

    Originally Posted by Kitori View Post
    Hi there!
    I'm new to the forums and was interested in joining this club!
    Welcome to the club, Kitori! Good luck on your Vaporeon - having a team of all purple Pokemon (or better yet, all purple shinies!) would be totally awesome!
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