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    Levina ~ Cape City Church

    Levina jerked her head away from Snype’s hand. “I think I could live without you. For one I wouldn’t be treated like an animal like you are doing to me right now.” She rolled her eyes and watched the newcomer butt on in. "Look, if you guys are going to be disgusting, the least you can do is find a hotel room. But first, since I really want to bash your skulls in, I need to ask, Gold or Silver?" The Ambipom hissed. Levina couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the remark. “A hotel room. Now there is an idea Snypie-Poo. Hehe.” She remarked, teasing Snype again. “We are Silver. Like my friend here said, you’re obviously not of the Gold Tribe. Unless they have become as desperate as to perform a kamikaze stunt like you just did.”