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    This version goes through the end, as it was originally considered complete. So you can do the Elite Four, Kanto, and the final trainer.

    The update I've been working on goes back in and changes a lot of things along the way (in Kanto and Johto both, since there were a lot of things that were too similar to original Gold). The new update also adds new features such as the ability to play as a Boy or a Girl, makes the Practice Battle Machines in the Battle Tower functional, changes the way the Viridian Trainer House works -- in addition to the event changes/additions (for example, the new update will have an Oak event in Cherrygrove city, your first rival battle has been moved, the "missing" rivals battles have been restored, new events and areas on South Isle, all sorts of things).

    Speaking of the upcoming update, to prove that I am still working on it, here is a little video showing off the new Practice Battle Machines in the Battle Tower.

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