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"Murkrow, let's start off with your strongest move; Return!"

Jolted by the sudden voice, the Wynaut jumped up and turned around, showing it's emote-fixed face. It's tail stunned in a stance, as if to show that it was in shock. Before it could react or even make a sound however, Murkrow swooped in and bashed into the baby Pokemon, making it bounce backwards. Wynaut took the hit well however, and stood up with the same smile in it's face; this time however it's tail starting slamming into the ground. It didn't like the sudden challenge, but was well up for it. "It's wild alright; there seems to be no trainer rushing in to look for it.." Wynaut started to gather its arms and it's face suddenly was making a pleading face, a face that looked like as if it was helpless and weak. Scyke scratched his head in confusion. What on earth was it doing? Attract?

Murkrow fell for the move Charm and suddenly was sorry for the Wynaut; he didn't want it to get as hurt anymore by his attacks. He thought about it; it was only a baby Pokemon, how durable could it be?

Unaware of the fact that Murkrow's attack had been harshly lowered, Scyke ignored Wynaut's move and ordered Murkrow, "Now use Wing Attack! We don't want this Wanut to faint, of course!" Murkrow jumped in to the ground and clashed it's wings towards the Wynaut, but the attack wasn't done at it's full potential; it was clear that Murkrow had held back it's attack. Scyke got even more confused. "Murkrow, what are you doing?! He didn't seem infatuated at all... that means the that Wanut must have used... Charm! That's it!" Sckye looked up at his Murkrow and confirmed his hunch. He clearly had a concern look at it's face; Charm had worked very well. The wild Wynaut withstanded the attack and jumped up towards Murkrow. "That move... it must be Counter! Murkrow, watch out!"

Murkrow watched Wynaut until it had reached it's level somehow, but before it could dodge anything the balloon-shaped Pokemon slammed it's tail into Murkrow, making the bird slam down towards the ground. "Counter's attack doubles in power if the user was hit by a physical attack... Murkrow wouldn't be affected as much if it also wasn't a part Dark type." Murkrow raised itself up and rose back up in the air, shocked by getting hit by a Pokemon that seemed harmless just a minute ago. "Impressive. It sure has the same qualities as a Wobuffett; great at countering and taking attacks. Ok, let's try this then - Murkrow, Double Team!"

Murkrow nodded at his trainer and swiftly moved around the wild Wynaut. The sudden and rapid movement created illusory copies of Murkrow which surrounded Wynaut, who was confused at which was the real Murkrow. Unsure on what to do since it wasn't getting hit, the cyan Pokemon's feet started glowing and it started bouncing where it was standing. "It's using Splash? We'll need to get rid of that when we catch you; no one will be impressed with a move that does nothing at all. Now, Murkrow! Return!" Suddenly the illusions rushed in on the Wynaut, but then at the moment of contact all the Murkrows but one vanished, and the Wynaut again crashed backwards, except this time it wasn't hurt as much as the first Return. "Argh... Murkrow must be still affected by that Charm. And if that Wunat or whatever it's name is is like Wobuffett, then it must be extremely durable. Murkrow, keep using Double Team and charge in with Return whenever I say so!"

As time passed, Scyke and Murkrow continued to use the same attack, until Murkrow's evasiveness had reached it's maximum level. Wynaut couldn't get a hit in at all after many attempts with Counter, and it was getting weaker and weaker. After another hit with Return, Scyke called out, "Stop! It's had enough." Murkrow obeyed his trainer and flew back into the air unscathed. Except for the one Counter it hadn't been touched at all by the wild Wynaut. "I think we have done enough damage at it. Now all there's left to do is this-" As Scyke spoke, he took out a Pokeball from his pocket, enlarged it and threw the red-and-white ball towards the Wynaut. A brilliant red light sucked in the Pokemon and the Pokeball closed up and started shaking vigorously on the ground. Scyke stood there in tension; surely he had done enough to capture it? After a minute, the Pokeball stopped jerking and made a ding! sound. Wynaut had been caught.

"Task completed."

Scyke went over to the Pokeball and picked it up, fairly happy with himself. "It's strange that a Wunat is even near Goldenrod City, and it couldn't had been anyone else's Pokemon since I was able to catch it. I'm sure none of the other E8 members can catch such a rare Pokemon." Murkrow flew down and clamped his claws softly onto Scyke's left shoulder. Scyke raised his hand and ruffled the bird's fur. "Great work out there; that Double Team/Return combo was very effective. We should use it again when we need to!" Murkrow chirped out in agreement, before getting recalled back to his Pokeball by Scyke. "Now you need a good rest; that battle lasted longer than I expected. Time to head back to the cafeteria."
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