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    Cheryll Renee Moreau

    Cheryll wasn't aware of much that was going on around her as she panicked. She knew someone had sat next to her and said something. Who it was and what was said she had no idea. Suddenly though a brown paper bag was put in front of her mouth and she heard Higoroshi-sensei speak telling her to keep the bag toward her mouth and to breath slowly as he put her right hand on the bag. Still shaking a little as a few tears fell down her face Cheryll followed the instructions she was given and slowly started to calm down. Unaware that Higoroshi-sensei had left the room Cheryll finally managed to calm down after a few minutes. She was no longer crying, though her eyes were red and puffy. Her color was back and her breathing under control. Setting the brown paper bag down on the desk in front of her as she took a deep breath.

    Wiping the tears off her cheeks and straightening her glasses she looked up as Higoroshi-sensei came back into the room and apologized for leaving saying there was a fight in the hallway. "'s...o-okay s-sir..." Cheryll said softly. "T-Than....thank...y-you for...helping...m-me"

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