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Jacques ‘Fragger’ Bayne, Joey ‘ Smoko’ Stevenson and Hotaru ‘Flashbang’ Yamanashiro – Atlantean Relief Centre, London, England

October 31st, 2012
“Why’d Pietr have to go and get himself blown up for their stupid cause! We needed him man!” Fragger groaned incessantly, ever since they had joined him in Paris, he had done nothing but moan about anything and everything.

“Shut up Jacques, all you do is groan an’ moan, it’s really starting to piss me off,” Smoko was the more well-built member of the group and easily towered over them all, but his nasally Australian twang made it a bit difficult for the rest whose first language wasn’t English to understand.

“This whole thing is messed up, these people are messed up, this crappy filled world is messed up!”

“Seriously, if you don’ shut yer mouth, I’ll steam fry you like the stuff Flashbang eats.” This managed to make Fragger’s mouth stop moving as he cast his eyes back at the small Asiatic girl that was the last to join their group.

Annoyed at the relentless noise that these two idiots seemed to make constantly, Hotaru decided to hold her tongue and think simply of the actions they were about to take. They had done this multiple times before, always the same routine, but they had yet to be caught. Making her move, Hotaru got up from her table, crossing the busy road, making a beeline for the two officers standing at the doors injecting people with the identifier. Jacques and Joey followed behind her, waiting for her move before they acted.

“Miss, please head to the back of the line,” the guard growled at her.

Gripping the bottom threads of her shirt, Hotaru rapidly brought her hands up over her head providing protection from the violent light that rapidly emanated from her body. People scream as they were dazed, the two officers brought to their knees and Hotaru felt the two boys push past her.

Now they found themselves in the main hall where people had turned in their chairs to see what the commotion was going on outside while doctors continued to scribble away furiously. It made Hotaru sad to know that some of these people were going to die, but it was made easier by the fact that it wasn’t going to be by her hands.

“Time for me to shine!” Fragger called out, garnering more attention as a thin sheen began to cover his body. Joey pulled Hotaru to the ground around Jacques’ feet where his ability would not trigger. A loud ‘woot’ erupted from his mouth as his outer shell exploded into tiny fragments that embedded in walls, slashed through curtains, and snuffed out lives.

Only a couple of Atlanteans had made it out through the ordeal with either the use of their ability of through sheer luck, nether less the three continued on, Hotaru brightening up the room dazing those left over as Joey headed towards the next room. People were crowded in here, many scared and worried about the explosion that had just happened. They all seemed to cower as Joey walked in making him feel more superior.

He basked in the attention as smoke began pouring from his pores, quickly filling the room up with noxious vapours; the guards by the door suffocating first as he targeted them. Letting himself go in the adrenaline rush of emotion, he continued to release the smoke from his body, turning the room into a death trap. He heard Fragger explode in the distance, the unmistakeable sound of glass followed.

They had one aim; to destroy the Atlantean Relief Centre in defiance of the Registration Act, any people killed were victims, martyr’s for their cause. And right now, Joey felt particularly righteous.

Katerina Lukyanenko – Stockholm, Sweden

October 31st, 2012
"Hey! Hey, Mrs. Lukyanenko! Are you busy?" Katerina heard the man calling out to her in Swedish. Turning around, she noticed where the voice had come from; a twenty-something year old man hobbling towards the three of them.

“Yes, mister, I am busy, what is it that you want?” She replied coldly, she still had work to do and the day was not over yet. There was probably an ever increasing pile on her desk now that she was away, sorting out the two girls now walking behind her.

“Sorry girls, I’ll see what this man wants before we return inside.” She said addressing them both before turning to the one scantily clad in some sort of Santa Claus outfit, “Aren’t you cold?” She wasn’t at all surprised by this girls dress, hell; she had been dealing with strange people with strange abilities all day.
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