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Hack Name: I am making a trilogy called Pokemon: Eternal Heroes Saga. The three games are played in the following order:
1. Pokemon Eternal Frost
2. Pokemon Eternal Life
3. Pokemon Eternal Darkness

Hack of: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

Your hacking skills: Writing and basic map editing

What help or skill you are looking for:

Mapper- Someone who can take my world map and descriptions and make them into a stunning world

Tile Editor and Inserter: I need specific types of tile for each game

Sprite designer: to make all the in-battle and overworld sprites for each character

Scripter: Once I am finished writing the events and character dialogue, the sprites are finished, and the maps completed, I will need you to put everything into the game.

Composer: I love music, however, I don't want to use the same tracks as the other Pokemon games. So I need someone who can create original music for each of the three games.

Testers: I think four or five testers will be good to have just to let us all know how the hack is coming along, to check out any bugs

Additional info: I am in the process of writing out character dialogue and events, I have a design for a world map, character and town/route descriptions, and plans for the elite four, champion, and gym leaders. These games will also feature 4th Gen Pokemon so I will need help putting them in the game.

Contact Info: I can be reached by PM or vie e-mail:

[email protected]

If you would like to apply for help please copy and paste the following:


Why you should help out:
Proof of work: (video, photo, mp3, etc- I will not tolerate stolen work)
Contact info:

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