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SouthWest Path: Camp

Shadoan nodded and checked his Gyro gear. Smiling that the gear was picking up a phone signal, he taps the phone application on the screen and taps Julia's picture in the app. [-Connecting-] Displays on the screen, a moment of silence follows as the device then begins to ring. "It's calling her device now." Irek looked over at Z and chuckled. "Dreaming of the future? Sounds like the psychic back at the bastion." he replies as he helps clean up quickly, though he changes the subject as he climbs atop of Shadoan head. "We need to get moving towards the desert region, due east. The second were out of the region the bet-" He paused a moment when he viewed to his left a small tibish pack of rock pokemon, coming towards them. The wild pokemon looked enraged and desperate for something. "-ter..." [-Connected-] The gear finally chimes. "J-Julia, are you there?!" Shadoan says as he started running the opposite direction of the rampaging rock types.

[[-Battle-]Situation: Fighting while fleeing on foot!]
Geodudes x 7
Rock Throw
Smack Down

Larvitar x 8
Rock Slide
Chip Away

Onix x 10
Rock Throw
Rock Slide
Sand Tomb

Gigalith x 2
Power Gem
Mud Slap
Smack Down
Rock Blast

Nosepass x 4
Thunder Wave
Power Geam
Stone Edge

Abandoned Mill

As the sun shines across Julia's sweet face, her gear rings on her wrist, jiggle and rumbling.

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