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Originally Posted by Archenoth View Post
That's the idea. Reasonably easy to read, and bugs will only show up in obvious places. :)

You saw the link in my post, right? It's still the most popular language it seems according to it.
Yeah, and FORTRAN is still used a lot, too. It was popular years ago, which means it'll still be used in businesses for years to come because they're not going to spend resources porting stuff for no reason.

Originally Posted by Emilia View Post
I'm very excited for this coming May. I'm not the biggest fan of PHP, but I seem to have a PHP web-development job lined up! It'll be my first real programming job. I should maybe do some small practice projects before it starts, as I haven't used PHP practically since I learned it, save fiddling around with existing stuff like Wordpress and phpBB.
I'm sorry. I wouldn't wish a PHP job on my worst enemy.
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